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Now Showing! 

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Our affiliate, dear friend and sister program, Christin Hardy, who owns FiddleFigg Chihuahuas in North Carolina, competes in AKC dog shows and is showing our SFC pups! She owns seven of her own SFC dogs- Figg, Naveja, Fiddle, Fable, Whittaker, and Bellamy. Figg became an AKC Champion in 2022! 

Daughter of Retired Letty & Retired Fonzie

Fiddle competed and won her classes on both days! Way to go Fiddle!


Son of Retired Sonora and Holden

FIgg competed at a show in Concord, North Carolina and won! He is now a Champion, pending AKC! We are so proud of our best friend, our bloodlines and their accomplishments! We are excited to begin the next show prospect! 

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