Name: Lola

Color/Coat/Markings: Cream spotted on white long coat

Gender: Female

DOB: December 21st, 2016

Current Weight: 16.6 lbs

Pet Price: Free to Good home; contingent on pre-approved application 

Deposit: No deposit required. 

Altered: Yes

Rabies: 3 year vaccine

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes


Background:  Lola is an adult female with a double  long coat that is cream spotted on white. She is a larger than average female at around 16.6 lbs. She was spayed on 02/15/18. She is up to date on all vaccines as well as Rabies. We are looking for a home for her that has no small children under the age of 10. We would prefer if the person worked only part time or less to be able to be home with Lola or provide her with time and companionship. She is not fully potty trained. She is notorious for using a pee pad one moment and then going out our dog door and then coming in and relieving her bladder where she wants. A full course on potty training her would be necessary. We prefer that she goes to a home with less than 2 dogs so she doesn't have to be overwhelmed in her new environment. She has been brought up around our two cats, but only tolerates them. Lola does well in the car as well as being fully crate trained. Lola seems to be uncomfortable with new people so will need plenty of time to warm up in her new home with new people. We advise giving her at least 2-3 weeks of space to allow her enough time to acclimate and come to you on her terms. She will eat, drink and go potty when she needs to, but giving her space and not engaging with her until she is ready, is what we are looking for. She really can be very affectionate when the situation permits so. She loves to lay in your lap and nap. She is a sweet girl that needs someone to devote time and patience. Lola can growl or try to bite if pushed into a corner or not given time to adjust. When adopting any dog, whether from a breeder or the Humane Society, you need to allow several weeks for a new dog to acclimate to your home. Lola has been rehomed twice and neither home gave her the time she was going to need. We really don't want to subject her to another home that won't follow through with what we are seeking for her. If you can't offer time and patience, then Lola is not the dog for you.

New home must be within driving distance to Salem, Oregon. Required Meet-in-greet at public location to meet you, and allow you to meet Lola. If Lola does not work out, you must agree to transport her back to SFC!!!!!!!! Please read the above information SEVERAL times so you know what kind of dog she is. Do not waste my time. Do not further damage Lola by not committing to her and allowing her time to acclimate. 

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