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Embark Genetic Health Tested: Clear in all categories

OFA Health Testing Results

Heart: CH-BCA281/15F/P-VPI

Patella: CH-PA2810/15F/P-VPI

Degenerative Myelopathy: CH-DM89/13F-PI

Name: Maybelline

Color/Coat/Markings: Black Fawn smooth coat brindle 

Gender: Female 

DOB: May 17th, 2020 (almost 2 years old) 

Current Weight:  4.5 lbs 

Pet Price: $1200.00

Altered: No, will be scheduled 

Microchipped: Yes

Rabies: 3 year vaccine still current 

Immunizations: Up to date! 

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes

Genetically health tested through Embark and is 100% healthy and cleared in all areas

Patellas and cardiac are certified and cleared through the orthopedic foundation for animals, as well as cleared for degenerative myelopathy (eye disease) and macrothrombocytopenia (blood disorder)

Status: Accepting applications and allowing meet in greets upon approved applications only


Background: Maybelline is an almost 2 year old female we are choosing to retire from our breeding program. She has free whelped two previous litters, but she is unable to carry the litter to full term. We thought the first time might have been a fluke so we tried again, and sadly, it happened again. Maybelline is a 4.5-5.0 size female. She has a black fawn brindle smooth coat. She was born in Michigan and came to us at around 8 months old. We do plan to have her spayed prior to rehoming her but it has not yet been scheduled. She is up to date on all vaccines and comes already microchipped too. She knows her name pretty well, but it can be changed. She has not been raised around cats or small children, but she was around both in her previous home. She can be a bit dominant at times, but does relatively well with other animals. She does well in the car and enjoys being carried and doted on. She loves her bed next to my bed but would prefer to be in bed under the covers burrowing! Perhaps you are looking for a new companion to co-sleep with? She is mostly pee pad potty trained but occasionally will mark on other areas due to the fact she is still an intact female. With experience of rehoming our retirees, we have been told that once a dog has been altered and is removed from a breeding environment, their marking habits can be minimized, but this is not guaranteed. Maybelline is a very healthy little dog. She has been genetically health tested through Embark Vet and her patellas and cardiac are certified with the orthopedic foundation for animals. Links are above for public viewing. Maybelline did just whelp a little, so therefore she will blow her coat from hormones, but her coat will grow back in and be normal appearance. 

 I would prefer whomever tries to apply to him to come to Salem, and not be in a hurry. A lot of my Washington customers try to do an adoption and drive home in one day. This would work, but you need to be prepared to drive Maybelline back to me if the placement does not work out. A puppy application must already be submitted and pre-approved prior to the meet in greet.  All adult dogs have a 14 day money back guarantee if the dog does not work out for you in your home. The dog must be brought back to the original location of pick up by scheduled appointment, and a refund will be issued to you within 30 days, minus any fees you may have had during the initial adoption. We encourage all prospective adopters to really think this through and not take on a dog that may not work for you. We want her next home to be her forever home. To submit an application for Maybelline please use our puppy application for consideration.

  • Please be aware that Maybelline is from a breeding home. She will not be fully potty trained in a new environment and will take patience and the ability to retrain to establish a new routine

  • Please read the post below about the 3/3/3 rule! Not one dog is like another and you need to be open minded when adopting an adult dog who is very used to their current environment

  • Must be local or within driving distance of Salem, Oregon

  • No shipping available

  • Meet in greet required to see if you're a match for her after application has been submitted and approved

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