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Name: Reyghan, but her name can be changed

Color/Coat/Markings: Black Fawn (hidden Merle) long coat 

Gender: Female 

DOB: 02/21/22 (almost 2!)

Current Weight:  8.5 lbs 

Pet Price: $1200.00

Altered: Yes, spayed 

Microchipped: Yes

Rabies: 3 year vaccine still current 

Immunizations: Up to date! 

AKC Registered: Yes

Genetically health tested through Embark and is 100% healthy and cleared in all areas! She also has had her heart, eyes and patellas certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  

Status: Accepting applications and allowing meet in greets upon approved applications only



Reyghan was born at SFC and had one litter with us. We also have two of her full sisters and littermates. Due to the choice to diversify our current lines, we opted to spay her and place her in a pet home. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her! We just simply need to make room for utilization within our program. Reyghan has already been spayed and is up to date on all core immunizations including Rabies. She comes to you fully health tested and has received all the rigorous testing our breeding dogs have also completed. Our loss, your gain! She is genetically a black fawn (hidden Merle) long coat Chihuahua sitting around 8- 8.5 lbs in size. This girl is the life of the party. She loves toys, dogs, chewies, water, running and is eager to please a special human. She comes to you dual potty trained with both washable pee pads as well as trained to go potty outside. She is pen trained, crate trained, dog door trained. 

 Reyghan has been genetically health tested with Embark. She has also had her Merle sine evaluated which means very little to a pet home, but she is a classic Merle even though you can't see her Merle pattern due to the sable gene covering it up. She has seen an eye specialist to have her eyes certified, she had her patellas certified which are both free from luxation and her heart evaluated which is free of a murmur. All of this can be verified on the database of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. 

 We cannot guarantee she is potty trained in a new environment though. We recommend having an open mind when adopting a young adult and plan to reintroduce potty training how you would want her trained. Reyghan is available to a local or out of state home. Shipping can be arranged for an additional charge. She will come spayed with her adoption price and dental was completed already, too. Her name can be changed. 

 Like any of our other dogs we have available for adoption, we follow the 3-3-3 rule so please allow for time for her to adjust by using the chart below. We feel she would be fine in a home with larger dogs, small children or cats. She is treat motivated and can easily adapt to a new home! She is a little shy in new settings and with new people, but once she is comfortable she really is a sweet, sweet little love bug. 

She has been genetically health tested with Embark and is clear in all breed relevant categories. 

 We encourage all prospective adopters to really think this through and not take on a dog that may not work for you. We want her next home to be her forever home. To submit an application for Reyghan, please use our puppy/dog application for consideration.

  • Please be aware that Reyghan is from a breeding home. She will not be fully potty trained in a new environment and will take patience and the ability to retrain to establish a new routine

  • Please read the post below about the 3/3/3 rule! Not one dog is like another and you need to be open minded when adopting an adult dog who is very used to their current environment

  • Shipping is available

  • Meet in greet is preferred but not required 

  • Application required 

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