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Cat Nibble


All of our dogs are actually on the same special diet. We do offer a dry kibble to be down at all times that each of our dogs do enjoy. We purchase our dog food from Purina ProPlan from Chewy directly. What we love the most about this dog food is that it is perfect for all stages of life making mealtimes with multiple pets less complicated. Purina ProPlan has highly-regarded dog experts and nutritionists that carefully formulate the products that can have a positive impact on our dogs and puppies. Whether it is bright eyes or a shiny coat, or even an empty bowl, our dogs love this food and they enjoy every bite. This particular line of Purina ProPlan food contains DHA, which is a nutrient that is found in mother's milk, and helps keep our growing puppies healthy, as well as vision and brain development as a priority. We do not believe in feeding a Chihuahua grain-free food and we encourage all of our puppy parents to read about the dangers of choosing a dog kibble that is grain free. Latest research has found that grain-free dog food is leading to heart diseases- such as dilated cardiomyopathy.

Link to purchase the same puppy food we raise our pups on click here


Chihuahuas are prone to low blood sugar and should have carbohydrates and good grains in their diet to keep their bodies healthy. Only 3% of dogs are actually allergic to grains. The number one offenders of food allergies are actually the proteins used in our dog's food. Chicken and Beef are the number one offenders. If your dog or puppy is having an allergy, we suggest switching proteins in the food to lamb or salmon. Don't assume it's grains! 

The kibble size is perfect for tiny mouths learning to chew hard food. Small breed puppies require the right energy and nutrients from their food in order to support rapid growth, higher metabolisms and sensitive skin. This food is made with quality chicken with added fish oil for Omega fatty acids that growing puppies need. This puppy food contains targeted levels of protein, DHA, minerals, and the right balance of calcium and phosphorus.

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