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Holding puppies passed 8 weeks- 

We do not allow our puppies to leave before 9 weeks of age. Sometimes we will hold puppies until later ages due to the overall development of the specific puppy or due to our demanding schedule. You can expect to have your puppy to you by the age of ten weeks on most occasions. 

If you are a pre-approved customer and have decided to adopt a puppy, but need a payment plan, the payment plan will have to first be approved by SFC before placing a deposit. The dates of payments will be established and should be treated as any other bill you are set up to pay. The dates will be an agreement and will be included in the invoices as well as the contract.

We understand that sometimes bringing home a new puppy may impact a prior event on your schedule. Talk to us. Be open and honest, and up front with us and allow us to see if we can extend the care of your puppy past our normal ten weeks. This will be determined on a case by case basis. 

We love all of our puppies, but holding them longer than the typical nine weeks, isn't fair to them. Please do not adopt a puppy if you can't bring them home when they are ready. The babies get attached to us and become familiar with our routine. It's harder on them to transition to you at a later age. They are eager to be trained and transition to their new homes and they should be welcomed home as soon as they are available to you. Please make them your priority. 

Older puppies also weigh more, which increases the cost of shipping if you are requiring shipping. Please be aware of this too.

Older puppies will require their 2nd or 3rd shots while in our care, and we will happily administer them on the schedule they are set up for. 

Puppies take lots of supplies and time though, and neither of these are free. We want to keep our overall cost for the initial puppy affordable to all of our customers, but we can't keep holding puppies longer than we would normally have them in our care. If you absolutely cannot pick up your puppy by nine weeks of age, and are not on a payment plan, and we have not opted to hold your puppy longer, then you can review our boarding options below and we can add these services to your adoption fees. 


1-7 days is a fee of $100.00 or $18 a day. 

8-14 days is a fee of $200.00

15-21 days is a fee of $300.00

22-28 days is a fee of $400.00

These prices are less than any other boarding facility in our area. We truly don't mind holding a baby longer if you really need it, but our supplies, time and space are not free of charge and we hope you can understand our position with this. 

Thank you for wanting to choose SFC as your breeder. 

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