Puppy training pad (Washable- we prefer these!)(pee pads)

A pen (Iris Pen) for training

Suggested products are hyperlinks to the products we use and love. 

Pee Pad holder if desired

Two dishes for food and water

Chewing toys that are safe for puppies

Pee pads (Disposable) 

Pet Beds (at least 2)

Metal Crate if needed

Cleaning products to clean up puppy accidents

Interactive toys for puppies

Healthy Training Treats

Dog food we recommend at Salem's Finest

Soft and comfy blankets for puppies

Puppy harnesses

Puppy nail trimmers (good on adults too!)

Dog brushes

Tooth brushes and tooth paste

Dog Shampoo

Baby Gates

Pooper scoopers


Travel bowls for food and water

Disposable bags for poop pick up

Belly bands for boys or girls

Car Seats

Dog strollers

Nutrical Gel A MUST! 

  • Flea prevention when age appropriate (We recommend Nexgard, but it does need a Veterinarian prescription. You can find this off of Chewy.com. 

  • Heart worm prevention when age appropriate (please do research on all brands) We recommend Interceptor Plus, also need a prescription from a Veterinarian. 

  • A collar for identification until old enough for a microchip (DO NOT WALK A DOG WITH A COLLAR. ALWAYS USE A HARNESS TO PREVENT TRACHEA DAMAGE. 

  • A sweater if bringing home your puppy in the winter months

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