In our home, we have more than just our beloved Chihuahuas running around! We have a Dalmatian named Norman. Norman is our big dog socializing specialist. We have one cat that we rescued at the Humane Society named them Mavis. Our puppies are introduced to a wide variety of sounds and surroundings right from the start! 


I was a former educator in the school district but I quit my job to come home and home school my three sons. I now work on call as a Veterinarian assistant at our local vet clinic, in Salem. I was doing this part time, but recently decided to only do on call so I could dedicate more time to our dogs and puppies in our program. Our journey has been very rewarding as a family. We have been able to focus on what is important to us and learn who we are as individuals  and how we are going to fit into the world with our passions. My passions are my family, all of my dogs and my breeding program that and I am now able to focus my full attention on.  

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