Adoption Process

I know this website has a lot of information about our dogs and our program and it can be a bit overwhelming with where to start. This is a guide to help you follow the steps and to also give you a little more information about our program to help you decide if we are the right breeders for you, and we really hope you have found the right place to adopt a Chihuahua puppy!

1. Please look over our prices and deposits and all that is included in our puppy packages and the care that goes into each and every puppy, plus into our dogs. We do offer some discounts, so see if you qualify for any of them. We also do offer payment plans as well. Please also look over our duration policy for holding puppies longer than 10 weeks if not on a payment plan.    

2. If you will need shipping, please look over the shipping information and be aware that there is an additional charge for transportation. 

3. Review our Frequently asked questions, in case you may have thought of something while browsing our website, the answer may be included in that location. 

4. After you have finished exploring our informative website, please submit a puppy application, found on the above tab or if on a mobile device, it will be labeled as puppy application on the pull down menu. Please put an answer for every location, even if it's not relevant for you. 

5. Please allow us 7 business days to receive your application and to begin the process of looking it over to see if you are a qualified puppy parent. HOWEVER, YOU ARE WELCOME TO EMAIL US AT ANYTIME TO ASK IF WE RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION. OUR APPLICATION SOMETIMES DOES NOT GO THROUGH FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS, SO IT'S WELCOMED TO CHECK IN WITH US AND WE WILL REPLY ASAP TO YOUR EMAIL. We will email you for any additional information that we will need on our end. All pending applications are only open for 14 days from the date it was first reviewed by Salem's Finest. Any additional time or extensions will only be granted if customer has requested and is in full communication with Salem's Finest. Do not hesitate to make me aware of your application. Find me on Facebook. Send me a chat message. I would love to hear from you. Or send me a chat right off of this website! My phone is ready to chat with you!

6. Our puppies are sold all over the United States. We open our adoption process usually after the puppies are two weeks of age (sometimes earlier), and we contact our approved applicants first before allowing open adoptions to the public. Customers choose out of photographs and videos--not in person! 

7. Due to the safety of our family and our dogs, and since we raise our dogs in our private home, we are no longer allowing anyone to visit our home for puppy meet-in-greets or puppy pick-up's. We have had to remove these public events from our program due to the risk that one individual put us in. There will be absolutely no exceptions at all. If meeting your puppy in person is important to you prior to committing to a puppy, then I am not the right breeder for you. We apologize for how inconvenient this may be for you, but MY FAMILY AND MY DOGS ARE MY PRIORITY and it is my job to protect them. We will plan to meet you in a public location for the time of puppy pick up, and if you choose to pick up your puppy on the designated date of pick up, then you will also be able to meet the parents of your specific puppy. Any pre-arranged date that is not the designated date, may not have the dam/sire available for meeting. 

8. We do not hold any puppies to wait for "personalities" to develop. Sometimes our puppies will stay with us a while before getting adopted, and in these rare cases, a puppy will exhibit personality traits that we can share with you, but the majority of the time, our puppies are happily adopted early on and not available when personality traits are visible. If this is something that is important to you, our program may not be the right fit. We hate to lose you as a customer, but we have a system in place and it's working well for our busy home and for our dogs. Additionally, we do not hold any puppies to wait for eye color to develop. All puppies are born with blue eyes and occasionally, Merle Chihuahuas will keep their blue eyes, but not always. If by chance a Merle puppy that is older and has kept their blue eyes, then you will be able to see the permanent eye color. 

9. Once your application has finished the pending process, you will hopefully have an approved application with us on file, and depending on what you are wanting, whether it be a puppy with specifics or you are open for any combination, then we will notify you of our upcoming litters on the way that could have what you are looking for. We are on Facebook and we have a private group for customers only. We would love to connect with you on social media, so if you submit a friend request to Britanie Rains, we can add you to this group. This is a group for customers that have already adopted a puppy from SFC, so you can see and interact with all of our past satisfied customers, or they are waiting for their new puppy to go home with them, or to be born. If your application cannot be approved and you were added to this group during the pending process of your application, then you will be removed from the group. I cannot stress enough that this is a group for customer's only. 

10. What is included in our price: Our breeding dogs are all genetically health tested and all results are posted publicly for viewing. The genetic testing checks for 180 possible genetic health conditions and traits. A genetic health screen does not eliminate the need for a Veterinary health screening to detect health issues, but it is crucial for detecting genetic defects that would manifest as a disease later in life or could be passed on to offspring if a dog is bred. All of our breeding stock has been certified with O.F.A for hearts and patellas and if they aren't yet certified, it's because they aren't yet old enough. Our results are published on their database. We strive to breed healthier dogs so we will produce healthy litters of beautiful pups to share with our SFC families for many years. With as many opportunities out there for ruling out genetic disorders in canine genetics, we believe that more breeders should be taking advantage of these tools within their breeding program. Please do not hesitate to ask for verification of our health testing and when shopping for a breeder that states they health test, be sure to ask them too, especially if the information is not posted publicly!! We feed our dogs and puppies a high protein diet and substitute with fresh foods, vitamins and supplements as well. Our pregnant girls and nursing mamas are also fed a special diet daily to help provide important nutrients and essential oils, such as omegas, to their bodies and to the growing puppies. Our females and males are routinely checked to ensure the optimum health prior to breeding. All our females have my full time assistance when whelping. I am always present for our deliveries. I remove the dewclaws immediately after whelping. I do photo shoots every other week and videos every other week of each puppy in my care for our puppy families. I provide parasite prevention biweekly. The puppies receive daily interactions from our children in the home, adults and other dogs to help socialize them and prepare them for any future home. All puppies are taken to our vet between 7-8 weeks of age for a full health screening to rule out any possibility of a genetic disorder and a health certificate is provided from our vet to you for your records. Our pups are micro chipped before leaving. All of our litters are registered with the American Kennel Club and papers are available to you. All puppies are started on pee pad training. Each puppy will receive age appropriate vaccinations and you will receive documentation that this shot was administered to your puppy. All pups are sent home with a generous bag of goodies and information to help make the transition of leaving our home to your home as easy as possible. I provide lifetime breeder support and I offer multiple discounts. 

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