I had a wonderful & deeply healing experience with Salem's Finest! I was learning how to swim in a dark sea of mourning & grief over the loss of my sweet Daisy when I first contacted Britanie. I had my heart set on adopting Daisy's clone puppy & she went above & beyond to make that happen! She showed me compassion & love, she sent frequent updates which helped me focus on something other than the pain of my loss, she took the cutest photoshoots which gave me something to look forward to & smile about. I could feel her love for all of the puppies in her home, she truly raises them as part of the family! Salem's Finest is a very loving & responsible breeder! I am so in love with my puppy, Blossom is the rainbow after my storm of loss! So thankful for my sweet little furry sidekick.

- Nicole Brown, Fishers, Indiana

Blossom, lives in Indiana.

 We had the best experience with Salem's Finest puppy! Britanie was fantastic and understanding as we were working through the loss of our Chihuahua. I had a lot of questions, and she had very quick response time. She is very personable. I appreciated all the pupdates that she provided. The photo shoots were amazing. She is the best breeder. My family would highly recommend Salem's Finest for finding your next family member!!

- Kim Barone, Corvallis, Oregon

Piper & Skylar, live in Oregon.

We are so very happy with our Salem's Finest puppy! Britanie was very personable, always there for us if we had any questions, and all of her dogs are beautiful and well cared for and loved. This has been the best experience we've had, and I highly recommend Salem's Finest for finding your next family member!!

- Cassie Wendler, Castlerock, Washington

Frankie, lives in Washington

I recently contacted Britanie at SFC because our family was looking for our new best friend.
The national chihuahua AKC website recommends questions to ask prospective breeders. Of the four breeders I contacted prior to Britanie, none of them were able to answer my questions or their responses led me to believe that their dogs were bred to often or not bred on site.
Britanie was able to answer all of my questions and she offered additional information that was incredibly helpful. She displayed her love for her dogs by ensuring our home was the best choice for one of her puppies. The interaction with SFC was terrific. 
I found the experience so easy and trusted we would get the best pet for us. I loved Britanie's vet updates. My family and I spent lots of time oohing and awing over the videos we received of our pups while waiting for them to be old enough to travel to our home. Yes I said PUPS! We ultimately decided to adopt two puppies. The choice was easy to make knowing that we had found an outstanding breeding program and an expert on the health and care of chihuahuas. Britanie even sent us a care package with essential items and a litter mate blanket, which we carried with us when we went to pick up our puppies. 
Our puppies were flown to us on United Airlines using United's Pet Safe program. I was so happy when our puppies arrived safe and sound and with food and water in their bowls. The United representative told us puppy delivery was the best part of her job. We got to meet the puppies for the first time in the United office. Each United staff member handled the transport with the utmost professionalism and Britanie and I communicated throughout the day as the pups traveled.
Our puppies, Titan and Onyx, have been home for more than one month now. They are already part of the family! It's easy to see that these two happy little guys certainly did come pre-loved.
I would recommend Britanie and SFC to anyone interested in adopting a new best friend... or two.

- Amy Smith, Toms Place, California

Titan & Onyx
Titan & Onyx with their new human kids!

I've had a wonderful experience in getting my little boy Timber. Watching him grow until he was ready to be taken home. Britanie does an excellent job getting these babies into the world and taking a lot of extra care in their health and well being. She answers any and all questions I've had. Also has given me all information on his lineage, shots, goody basket etc. so you're ready to go if it's your first pup. I would recommend SFC to anyone who is looking for their first chihuahua or their 10th. I plan on getting another and will get her from SFC for sure. Thanks for everything Britanie.

- Terrie Dehlinger, Brookings, Oregon


Very professional with comprehensive contract process. Loved getting regular pictures and updates. Very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions etc. My puppy is healthy with personality plus! I will definitely get future puppies from Salem's Finest! 

- Traci Kitterman, Hillsboro, Oregon


My experience in knowing and dealing with Britanie has been top notch. She has been able to answer all my questions and I have full confidence in her expertise. We received our puppy In December by having him shipped to our airport and it was a very satisfactory experience. Our baby came to us very happy and healthy and kissable. I hope to be able to repeat this with Britanie again and again. 

- Joan Kayser DeNicco, Pottstown Pennsylvania

Mortimer on the right

In all my years of purchasing pure bred dogs, or really any significant purchase, I've have never dealt with anyone who is as comprehensive and detail oriented as Britanie at Salem's Finest. Her dogs are beautiful, have perfect health and temperaments, and if for any reason they don't she stands behind her promises to make things right. She is a truly trustworthy person in an industry that can be hard to navigate. We can't wait to get another baby from Britanie. From the actual birth of the pups to the safe delivery and the unlimited access and pictures in-between, I can't imagine someone doing their job and their passion with more integrity and knowledge.

- Anthony J. DeNicco, Pottstown, Pennsylvania


I can't think Salem's Finest enough! We got our new baby on Dec 16th and we are truly in love! 

- Cristi Schelhorn Koffler, Prosser, Washington


Britanie Rains has been the most amazing breeder, it took us a while to find someone so trustworthy and caring. If you pay attention to her Website/Facebook her hard work and dedication to her Chis and Chi parents is extraordinary and I hope she knows it does not go unnoticed! She is very easy to contact and is full of knowledge and has personally helped us along the road of Cora (my chi) growing up. If you were to choose any other breeder it would be a mistake! 

- Macklin O'Connor, Bridgeport, Connecticut


Working with Britanie to adopt our beautiful chihuahua was fantastic! Very professional, reliable & really cares for her pups like family & it shows. Our chihuahua Wednesday had no problem adjusting to our home & we love her dearly! Choosing to adopt with Salem's Finest was the best decision I could have made when it came to our little girl. 

- Korynn West, Medford, Oregon


We love our puppy and we had the best experience with Salem Finest. She went way above normal breeders when we picked up our puppy. Our puppy came home with a basket full of anything and everything you can think of that he would need for the next few weeks. Can't wait to get are new puppy by the new year.

- Kitty Pack, Lincoln City, Oregon


Britanie Rains goes above and beyond what you might expect from an ethical breeder. She loves all of her dogs and puppies, and cares for each of them as if they will be in her home forever. Of course many of them will, but many others are adopted out to homes that she very carefully screens. The puppy we got from Britanie came healthy, happy and pre-socialized to other dogs and to people and kids, so he has been incredibly easy and adaptable. We have kids, and have found our chihuahua to be the perfect family dog. We can't recommend Britanie enough! Those of us who want chihuahuas are just extremely fortunate that she is doing this business. 

- Caraway Timmins, Ashland, Oregon


Working with Britanie has been absolutely fantastic! She was wonderful through the entire process of applying for our puppy, picking out our puppy, and the long wait to get our puppy. We loved the weekly puppy pictures! She was even extremely accommodating and kept our puppy to 13 weeks because we had several prior commitments that kept us from getting her sooner. We could not be happier with Rory, our new little Chi. 

- Sara Thom, Ferndale, Washington


She is the best I would definitely use them again to get a puppy. 

- Laura Deming, Tillamook, Oregon


From the beginning, our dealings with Britanie were always friendly and professional. She was always available to answer questions, discuss any of my concerns and helped us find Sparky (Paisley/Maverick)! The time energy and love she puts into her family, human and furry is obvious. Thanks ❤️ 

- Shelli Bassler, White Salmon, Washington


Best experience I've had with a breeder. Home was very clean, all dogs were in great shape! I got to meet my puppies parents on the spot !! Not only was she a pleasure to work with her family is very sweet. Any questions or concerns I had. They were answered in a timely manner. I love seeing previous customers who have gone through her. Will be a returning customer. 

- Devon Marie, Federal Way, Washington


If any of you want a chihuahua this is the breeder to buy from! She's super great to work with and I love how well she takes care of her dogs! It's not "all" about the breeder $ she truly cares for each and everyone of them! They are all cared for in her house! Not in some cage, barn or shed or worse! They are around her family and loved on like as if in your own care! Totally socialize to be your home! She continually post pictures and videos so you are almost daily kept up to date on your puppy! She sends weight updates etc. Then at the halfway mark you can do a meet and greet or if far away Skype! She makes the financial end of things super easy too! So far I can't say enough great things about my experience with her! I can't wait to meet my new baby Maizy bell too! Thank you Britanie Rains!

- Shannon Shahan Frediani, Monroe, Washington


I purchased 2 Chi litter mate pups from Britanie in early 2017, Harrison/Emmagene pairing, and would recommend her as a breeder to anyone interested in Chihuahuas. Great communication, an arsenal of new puppy supplies given when we picked up the pups and impeccable records documentation! 

- Rachel Barksdale, Medford, Oregon

Manolo & Marcella

Britanie is beyond amazing, always there with great advice and also encouragement, it is truly amazing to see how much she loves what she does and puts more than 100% into her puppies, I'm waiting for a sister for my Dude and am beyond excited!! - Candi Schelhorn, Prosser, Washington 

I cannot say enough good things about Britanie and this excellent family-run organization! We were looking for a very specific set of circumstances with a breeder. Of course we wanted a beautiful, strong dog with a great personality and good temperament. We also wanted a responsible breeder who loved and cared for her dogs, and treated them as family, not commodities. We wanted someone who would work with us and allow us to pick the right puppy at the right time. By the time our Dala came along, it was meant to be! We got to visit her and meet her parents, got weekly pictures and lots of updates. The day we picked her up was SUCH a fun, long-anticipated day. Dala is the total package: smart, beautiful, funny and full of sass. In the weeks after bringing her home, we had a scare when Dala cloncked her head while playing with the cat. Britanie was there for me the moment after it happened, walked me through it, reassured me, and helped until we knew the danger had passed (with the help of our vet, of course).

These animals are treasures, and we will never look elsewhere for another dog. Thank you, Britanie and family!!

- Gabrielle Ariceaga, Eugene, Oregon


Outstanding experience, and so glad I choose Salem's Finest AKC Chihuahuas for our newest addition to the family. From the beginning, it was obvious what a nurtured, loved, and well-adjusted puppy she had raised when we got our pup home. Britanie answered all of my(many) questions promptly and courteously and was both a consummate professional and friend throughout the process, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her pups to anyone! 

- Chloe Talbot,  Texas


I am loving my two puppies deeply as they enrich my life more and more each and every day. I find myself laughing and smiling all the time. They are my kids and I can not imagine my life with out them. I am so happy to have Britanie's Salem's Finest A.K.C Chihuahua's to know that my kids come from a wonderful loving family...all her puppies are nurtured , and fully cared for as if each puppy will be hers for life. She has the hardest time saying good bye to her pup's. Thank you Britanie for your professional services. Truly a Blessing.

- Stephanie Nelson, Glendale, Oregon

Zoey & Simon

My husband and I cannot thank Britanie with Salem's Finest AKC Chihuahua's enough for raising a very happy, healthy, and well cared for puppy. We welcomed our baby girl Dixie Blackened Voodoo just 4 weeks ago. Dixie has been a wonderful addition to our family. Dixie is a vibrant, playful pup and her big brother Roux is happy to have a little sister. The care and hand raising Britanie and her family give the puppies shows. Thank you again!

-Jennifer and Heiko Jansen, Pullman, Washington

Nola & Dixie

We adopted our merle chihuahua Laylee from this wonderful breeder, after years of research. We are thankful for our new family member. Salem Finest puppies are well adjusted, social, healthy, correct, loved and well cared for. 

- Rebecca Mae Wurzer - Mollala, Oregon

Layle & Della

Salem's Finest is a wonderful little family of chi's based out of Oregon. Britanie focuses on each and every puppy like her own. The puppies and adults from Salem's Finest are some of the nicest chihuahuas I've ever met. I'm beyond happy with my puppy, she is everything I ever wanted. She offers lifelong support with any questions or concerns you have in a quick and very friendly fashion. I highly recommend getting your future fur babies from Britanie and her family at Salem's Finest! 

Marly Hunt - Portland, Oregon


I have purchased three puppies from Britanie. She is truly a wonderful and caring person to work with. All my "boys" are such a joy to have. All her puppies are raised not only by Britanie but also her entire family. These little minions have wonderful personalities and I just love all three of them. They fit in great with my two Maine coons, my two tabby cats, Audery and Nick my first two chi chi's. I highly recommend Britanie and Salem's Finest Chihuahuas. 

Whitney Anderson - Casper, Wyoming

Finn, Paxton, Farley

After losing my sweet little Minchi in December 2016 and after I felt I could function again, I started searching for another Chihuahua to love. I found Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas and after having read all the positive reviews and seeing photos of their beautiful dogs I filled out the app. Britanie knew what I was looking for and finally, over a year later,  little Anni was born… Somehow I knew she was the one. I loved seeing her grow and cherished each picture that Britanie posted of her. The whole experience of getting a puppy at Salem's Finest Chihuahuas was an excellent one and I am so glad I chose them and that they accepted me. They're top notch and are such a pleasure to deal with. Very professional yet caring, knowledgeable, helpful, and so thoughtful.....not to mention generous! A big puppy pack full of so many things for Anni as well as all the paperwork I’ll ever need on my puppy! I love Anni and she’s cuddling deeper into my heart every day, thank you so much Britanie!!

Kristi Usher- St. Helens, Oregon


Rick and I want to give a huge, sincere and heartfelt thank you to Britanie Rains of Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas (SFC)! We are totally in love with our Skye!  She is a happy, oh-so smart, healthy, bundle of joy! This has been a most rewarding and informative experience throughout the many milestones in Skye’s development up until the moment we brought her home! Britanie provided weight updates, award winning photo shoots and videos weekly, giving us the opportunity to watch our puppy grow!  We all looked forward to Thursday Night puppy play in the puppy room! Britanie made herself available at all hours to answer all our questions and even sent home  a puppy basket complete with anything you could think of for a puppy’s well-being, including a piece of her puppy blanket. We can say with total assurance to anybody thinking of bringing a puppy home from SFC, that Britanie devotes herself to each and every Chis’ well-being!  She provides a very positive experience for those of us fortunate enough to bring a SFC puppy home!  Thank you again Britanie.


Rick, Debbie and Skye Strauch- Lakeview, Oregon


We purchased our puppy from SFC and she is almost 10 months in age. Her name is Ziggy. You’ll understand when you see her picture. The SFC website is amazing. We purchased from SFC because it was imperative that we get a dog with a sweet disposition and was not raised by a pack but by her mom along with a loving human family. We have not been disappointed in the least. Ziggy is the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve ever been around. She is also the happiest. I have been not only recommending my friends to SFC, but I encourage them to. On a scale of 1 -10 SFC gets a perfect 10. 

Vern and Jennifer 
Roseburg Oregon


Britanie and  her dogs are amazing!  I had the best experience adopting Holden from her.  Holden is the whole package – smart, confident, and sweet.  It’s obvious he’s been loved every moment of his life.  And Britanie continues to provide knowledge and support long after her puppies leave her home.  I wholeheartedly recommend Britanie and Salem’s Finest.

Beth Penrod Fancher- Belleville, Michigan 


After a lot of research on breeders, my husband & I decided to get in contact with Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahuas. 


We were so impressed with Britanie, she answered all and I mean I had so many questions about adding a pet to our family. We are both retired and we were looking for something to fill the void. We chose the little black female with white markings (Jazzy) from Aria & Anderson’s litter. She had these 4 little white mittens and that little white streak on her head. We fell in love, well a week later we started looking at her sister the little white female with black markings( JoJo) and we couldn’t resist. We are so happy we decided to get them both as they are growing up together and are the sweetest puppies.


Britanie kept us updated with videos, vet check ups, photos & weight updates so it kept us going until we got to pick them up.


It was a 6 1/2 hour drive but so worth it when we saw those two sweet puppies for the first time. Kisses and licks galore and they took to us right away. We also got to meet Aria and Anderson ( the parents)  which was a plus.


When you get a puppy or puppies from SFC you can be assured you made a wonderful choice. These puppies are raised around her family and surrounded by love and it shows. 


We take them out around town and people stop us to ask where we got these sweet puppies. They have the cutest demeanor and they love everyone they meet. 


This has been the best experience , and we highly recommend Salem's Finest for finding your next family member or members because you know what they say, Chihuahuas are like potato chips you can't have just have one !!



John & JeanettePavolich, Spokane Valley, Washington

pavolich girls 3.jpeg
pavolich girls 2.jpeg

We did a lot of research on breeders before going with Salem's Finest and we couldn't be more happy with Myszka as a part of our family!  Britanie is an amazing person and a fantastic professional breeder. She has great knowledge about the breed and creates the most lovable and beautiful chihuahuas ever. She helped us through the whole process from telling us about herself, her philosophy as a breeder and about the available puppies. Once we chose our little Myszka she kept us up to date on his growth and play activities in the puppy room. We have learnt so much about the program and a beautiful loving environment of Salem’s Finest through Britanie’s videos and photos. Britanie flew from Oregon to NY and brought Myszka to us. This personal delivery was a huge asset to us. We knew that he was loved and taken care of during his long trip to NYC. Myszka is everything we could have hoped for in a dog. He is a beautifully unique lavender-chocolate merle with green eyes. He is a little brother to our older chihuahua Chili Pepper, he has such a playful and good-natured personality that we can only credit Salem's Finest for.  We would not hesitate to get another dog from Britanie in the future. 

Gosia & Mike, South Norwalk, CT


I must confess, I was very hesitant in purchasing a puppy from a breeder.  I had a chihuahua (Hank) for 14 years prior to getting this a pup from Brittanie (SFC). He did not come from a breeder. After an excruciating year without Hank and much heartache, I began my search for a new companion.  I stalked many sights, constantly going back to SFC and spending many hours admiring the “The Girls” and “The Boys” and “Puppies in the Nursery” and “Upcoming Litters”.  I finally reached out to Britanie.  I told her my story and shared stories and pictures of my beloved Hank.  She was always quick to respond and sympathize and offer support in my search for a new friend.  Finally I fell in love with a rowdy lil Brindle.  I watched repeatedly videos and pictures that Britanie posted.  This is something that she does with every pup and something to look forward to!  This one lil guy kept my attention.  I had never seen a Brindle chihuahua before!!!!  Not only did Britanie facilitate this new love affair, she raised up and kept this lil guy very healthy and happy. She exposed him to her husband and cat and of course Norman the Dalmatian.  These were all things that my new lil guy was going to be needing exposure to. And due to a previously planned trip, Britanie volunteered to keep my treasure way longer than normal.  Britanie was honest, fair, helpful, and provided a great family environment on her page that I look forward to seeing every day!  We all post pics of our fur kids and she does too!  Overall, best experience ever.  And my new beloved is the light of my life.  He’s smart, funny, energetic, naughty, beautiful and perfect!   Meet Roy 


Britanie is an amazing special lady and breeder. Very dedicated to her chihuahuas, their litters,health and well being. Adoption process, communication, arrangements couldn't go any smoother. Always there for help and support after the precious babies go to their new forever homes. Bless you and thank you for all you do.

Gary, Jonie, Eliza, and Talon Fox- Washington


So thankful to have found Salem's Finest Chihuahuas Pearl and Pickles are perfect. Britanie and her whole family love and care for them individually. So loved and well cared for, these dogs love everyone and everything. They bring me hours of joy, so easy to train. Thank you to the whole family for my two joys and the happiness you bring others .

Jill Holzworth, Cloverdale, Oregon


I have had a hard time writing a review regarding my adoption of Jameson Hadley from Salem's Finest because truthfully, there are no words to describe the experience.  The whole process is mind blowing. A Chi mom and dad are specifically chosen to be parents, add a dash of love, a sprinkle of sass and poof, fuzzy lttles are born. Britanie, her family and Chi Crew give every Little the time, attention and phenomenal amounts of love.  Progress reports, videos and pictures await your in box. Any time you have a question, before, during or after the adoption, Brit is available. Once your adoption is complete, you are forever part of secret society. Jameson Hadley, big heart, tiny body, created by Salem's Finest, it's been an adventure worth repeating.

Heather Mayes, Helena, Montana


I found SFC by following other pages for Chihuahuas.  I was looking for a pup with a specific birth date and one I could connect with! As soon as I saw Britanie post a picture of Chewy, I was in love!! There were three in his litter but HE WAS THE ONE! Britanie responded very promptly to my messages and questions about the application process! I was so pleased to know there was an application process that was so detailed and caring for the pup. Britanie made sure Chewy was going to be loved and cared for when he left her care. She offered a Veteran's discount, which was the first I had seen and she was accommodating to the transportation schedule, since Chewy needed to be shipped from Oregon to Kansas. Once Chewy left Oregon, Britanie made sure to stay in contact to ensure Chewy arrived safely,  and she was (and still is) there to answer any question I may have about his care! These are not just puppies for a paycheck to Britanie, these are her babies, too! 

Stephanie Heathman, Gardner, Kansas


Britanie Rains is an incredible breeder and animal lover. She loves her Chihuahuas and goes through extraordinary measures for their health and well being. Britanie is patient and caring and takes the time to understand what specific type of Chihuahua you are looking for. She keeps you updated throughout the process with photos and videos until your puppy arrives. She is extremely knowledgeable about Chihuahuas and goes through great lengths to communicate and stay connected with her puppies throughout their life. Britanie builds a great community and support network through Facebook. Pearl, our beautiful puppy, was well cared for and loved by Britanie and her wonderful family. Pearl is so adorable, loving, and good with people and children. She was also used to puppy pads when we brought her home. We will always go to Britanie for additional Chihuahuas in the future!

Teresa & Ed Duran, Sammamish, Washington


We adopted our “Belle” last July. At six months old she is growing up to be a gorgeous healthy girl who is bouncy and shiny and we are so happy to have her in our family! 
I had been looking for a girl exactly her coloring and projected size for several years. I’d been monitoring several breeders with a focus on their ethical behavior and attention to temperament, breed standard and health in their breeding programs. 
Britanie showed herself to have all of the above and more! I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a puppy bred to be healthy and who would exhibit the loveliest qualities of the chihuahua breed.  She will happily guide you through all the steps and queries involved with adding a chi to your life with knowledge and love behind every step. 
Thank you Salem’s Finest for our beautiful baby!

Theresa Minden, Las Vegas, Nevada 


After loosing our Chihuahua’s Belle and Sugar the house seemed so empty. Belle lived to be 13 and Sugar was almost 16. I started looking online for Chihuahua breeders and came across Britanies website for Salem’s Finest AKC Chihuahua’s.  I got in touch with Britanie and she answered all the questions that I had. We let her know what we were looking for and a few months later Lulu and Lola were born on a litter of six from Emmagene and Anderson. Britanie is great about sending photos and videos and when you pick up your babies you get food they have been eating, toys and Blankets that remind them of their mom and litter mates. Britanie keeps meticulous records of their shots and weights also. 

All in all you cannot go wrong with AFC. It is very apparent that these Chihuahuas are raised with love and there is a sweetness about the dogs she raises that you will sense as you interact with Britanie and her family. 

We are thrilled with Lulu and Lola!!

David Goodwin and Larry Sanchez, Federal Way, Washington


My daughter and I had a wonderful experience getting a puppy from SFC'S. Britanie was amazing, kind, and very patient with all my demands. We were looking for a perfect 4- H pup, and Star is just that! Brave, outgoing, and very friendly! We love her to pieces and we are super happy to have her in our family! 

Blanka Golec, Oregon City, Oregon

Owner of Portland's Exquisite Chihuahuas 


The experience that I had at Salem's Finest Chihuahuas was amazing. I looked everywhere for a Chihuahua breeder that was honest, loving and caring. I found that in Britanie Rains. We got Kealee from Britanie in June and Hinto in January.  I just love the way she is so involved with the puppies after they leave her. You can honestly say she cares for all of her Chihuahuas.  I can't say enough good things about her and her family and there love for all of the fur animals.  I have and will continue to recommend Salem's Finest Chihuahuas. 

Richard and Susan Tracy

Bend, Oregon


"I can't have better things to say about our experience with Salem's Finest Chihuahuas. Our new boy Winston is an amazing addition to our family, and it wouldn't be possible without Britanie and her awesome family. From constant photos and updates, prompt responses to questions, and excellent care and socialization of the pups, Salem's Finest Chihuahuas is truly a great place to find that perfect companion. Highly Recommended."

Justin & Jackie Lininger, Portland, Oregon


I was following Salem’s Finest on Facebook for awhile. I thought the dogs and puppies were beautiful and I wanted to get a feel for the breeder. I’d lost my elderly chi in October  2016 and was considering another. I was having a bad day at work, when I noticed Britanie had released Quincy ( formerly known as Bella) for sale. It turned out her colors weren’t what she wanted in her breeding program. I immediately applied for her and my application was accepted! So exciting and turned my bad day into a great day. I picked her up about a month later. She is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had! As well as the naughtiest! I think they may go hand in hand! She is loving and caring and very trainable. I have two other dogs...an elderly chihuahua and a Golden neither of which were very good play companions. I became concerned she was bored so began watching her website again for another pup. That’s when I noticed Bowie (formerly known as Rogue). He was an 8 month old chi from another breeder who had some faults and who Britanie was not going to breed due to the faults. ( his ears never stood up, his snout is too short etc). He seemed like a perfect potential playmate for Quincy! I brought him home a few weeks ago. He is so great. Very sweet and loving. A little dopey in an adorable and enduring way.  My elderly, Lil’ Mister , has put him in his place a few times and he is respectful. Quincy and Bowie are the best of friends and most evenings they are tearing around the house, chasing each other with maximum enthusiasm! Britanie made bringing Bowie home an easy and low risk experience. We agreed if he didn’t work out, I could return him. 

I have adopted and fostered homeless dogs as well as purchased dogs from other breeders. I am most impressed with Britanie’s passion and attention to detail during the breeding process, as well as the care and socialization of the puppies after they are born. I would highly recommend her as a breeder and would not hesitate to purchase a puppy from her in the future!

Melinda Howell, Bend, Oregon


We had a amazing experience with Salem’s Fines Chihuahuas.  We had lost our 1st Chi back in March, I had open heart surgery in May, I contacted Britanie in April about adding another Chi to our pack.  Once we decided on a pup (Esme), Britanie would send us pupdates, photos every week, and videos.  She was there to answer any questions about Esme (I swear I talked to her about five times a day and she would respond immediately) and would send me pics of her mom and dad, grandparents from both sides it was amazing.  Once the puppies moved to the puppy room, OMG it was so amazing to watch and see them ALL grow up, we have a page that we still get to see past litters, and our puppies siblings (it is just amazing on what Britanie does for all of us), it is like we are all a family and it is ALL thanks to Britanie and the long hours that she puts in.  I have never in my life seen a puppy room like she has.  This is the reason I say it was an amazing experience, just wait and see for yourself.


Thank you again Britanie for letting us be Esme’s  family 


M. Axel Pasco, Washington


After many searches online for Chihuahuas For Sale, I finally discovered SFC and saw such a difference in this website that I was immediately drawn in.  First I noticed the detailed questions asked in both the puppy application and eventually in the puppy contracts.  Britanie Rains was obviously very committed to making sure her puppies went to responsible dog owners. Secondly, I loved the interactive website where puppy parents, including previous, current and future owners were posting thoughts and pictures with lots of interaction between each other as well as with Britanie.  This in itself seemed very special to me and gave me a sense of trust that SFC could indeed be trusted, not only with the money I was spending on a new puppy, no small deal in itself, but with the quality and health of our future puppy...more important still.  Though I was initially reluctant to buy a puppy I never got to meet ahead of time,  these worries were soon forgotten as pictures and videos began to appear along with detailed interaction with Britanie about the specifics of the puppy (puppies) we were interested in.  The fact that Britanie shares her ups and downs as a breeder, letting us, the buyers, see into the world of a quality Chihuahua breeding program with such transparency, is priceless.   In the end, we ended up with two very special little boys, Jax...and Zane.  They are everything we could ever want in a Chihuahua companion, loving, healthy, beautiful and hand raised and pre-loved. Though they have two very distinctively different personalities, they are each perfect in their own way.  Jax is hyper and loves everyone, human, dog, cat, child and overly excited to make sure you know this.  Zane is calm and very self-assured, more reserved when meeting new people yet friendly, likes cats and children as long as they know they must be gentle around a little bitty doggy.  He prefers other dogs his own size.  My husband and I plan on getting one more little beauty from SFC in the near future which should say volumes right there.  

Linda & Denny Ditchen, Salem, Oregon


After the loss of Chiquita, my 14 year old Chihuahua, I started looking for a breeder online.  I had several that I was following but eventually shortened the list to one - Salem's Finest.  Britanie's dogs are amazingly beautiful and I personally had never seen all of the different coats and colors that were available.  I was looking for Chiquita's twin but when I saw Finn--I fell in love.  I filled out the online application and  everything moved along quickly.  I found Britanie to be very responsive to ALL of my emails.  She cares so much about the puppies and especially where and to whom they are going. She has emailed and texted many times to see how Finn is doing.  Finn is truly amazing!  He traveled from the West coast to Florida (two flights) and came out of his travel crate wagging his tail. He has the most amazing disposition and personality.  I have two other dogs but everyone who visits, picks up Finn and pretends they are stealing him--a true testament to the way these puppies are born and raised at Salem's Finest!

Joanne Peterson, Florida


I first reached out to Britanie last summer after my husband and I decided the time was right to add a puppy to our family. A litter we were interested in was recently delivered so we sent in an application to get the process started and proceeded to ask question after question about the parents and each of the puppies we were considering. The response time was unbelievably quick and every question answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. We could tell the amount of love and care poured into each of her puppies started long before they were born. In the end we chose one of the little girls and she is the delight of our lives, healthy with a wonderful temperament and so perfectly adorable. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the entire experience – we look forward to getting our second pup from Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas very soon.


Shanin Andrew, Portland, OR


Britanie Rains is a fantastic breeder! We had an amazing experience adopting from Salem's Finest Chihuahuas. Britanie is always there for you throughout the whole process. She even sends photos and videos so you can watch as your new pup grows. Britanie is full of the best advice and creates such an amazing support system in her Facebook group. Once you adopt a puppy you are fully embraced in the SFC family! You can connect with Britanie as well as all the other adoptive puppy parents in her Facebook group, which is a fun and incredibly supportive environment. It is clear how much Britanie cares deeply for all her puppies and thus raises and breeds to the highest quality, which is evident in every little baby chihuahua that walks through her home.


Bella is the baby my husband and I picked out and she is the light of our lives. Bella is sweet and has the cutest personality. Everywhere we go people fall in love with her and say she is the most adorable chihuahua they've met. She has definitely converted many people into chihuahua lovers! We love Bella and Britanie so much that we decided to adopt again. Dexter is our puppy to be and we are already in love with him from the videos and photos. Britanie Rains is the best breeder I know and we would always recommend her with the highest ratings possible!


Michele & Ray Franklin, Alamo, California 


Looking for a professional, informed, educated, supportive, dedicated quality breeder of Chihuahua’s?  Look no further than Britaine Rains Salem’s Finest Chihuahua’s.

Britaine proves her devotion and love of the Chihuahua puppies she breeds throughout the adoption process and beyond.   She ensures a safe, caring and stable forever home/family for them to go to and supports that family after adoption should questions/concerns arise.

Our little guy Hawke is an amazing addition to our family who is of course spoiled as it should be. 

Thank you Britaine for doing what you do and going the extra mile!!

Nancy & Stan Petroff, Gladstone, Oregon


Britanie Rains has a way of making you feel like you are her only client, and your puppy is the only one in her care. 


When I first found the SFC website, I was searching for a breeder who could help me to fill the bottomless hole the loss of my last chi, Beckum, had left behind. I desperately wanted a new baby to soothe my broken heart, and was nearly frantic looking for the missing piece of my family. When I came across SFC I immediately knew that THIS was where I’d find my baby. I emailed Brit, and she replied so quickly, that I was somewhat shocked. She prompted me to fill out the adoption application (which I did), and then told me that she had two puppies that fit my request. She directed me to her puppies for sale page and told me which two to look at. I remember she mentioned a girl and a boy, but I couldn’t tell you anything else, because once I saw my baby, I only had eyes for him. My sweet little man was a long hair, Black and Tan, with the most perfect little apple head I’d ever seen. He’d been born on May 25th, and was just waiting for me to come along and claim him. I knew right away what his name was, and that I didn’t even want to look at any other puppy. I showed him to my equally bereft husband, Chris, and that was that. “Justice” was his place holder name, but he would be our little Maximus Aurelius. Everyone laughs at his name since he weighs in at 1 year old at 5.89 lbs., but once I tell them what it means, everyone understands why that’s his name; Maximus means “the greatest”, and Aurelius means “golden one”. 

During the weeks we then had to wait for Maximus to be old enough to come home, I think I practically blew up Brit’s messenger asking “how’s our boy today?” “How much does he weigh now?” “What’s he doing??” “Do you have more pictures?”.... When I apologized one day for bugging her too much she told me “I wouldn’t trust you if you DIDN’T ask me about your baby”. That right there is a mark of a person who CARES about the work she’s doing. In case you don’t realize it, her job is not to breed dogs; her job is to put families together that are not yet complete. And she takes this task very seriously. Would you want just anyway taking YOUR baby home forever with them?? I knew then that she was someone I could trust completely, and I absolutely do. I’ve messaged her at all hours, from the ER vet when I’m terrified, at 6 AM with adorable snuggle pictures, with questions about food/medications/sleep habits/traveling/treats - you name it! When she tells you she is there for you for life, she means it. She wants those 6 AM snuggle photos, and to know what the vet said late Sunday night. Why? Because before he was my baby, he was hers, and he always will be just as important to her as he is to me. 


So, when Chris and I decided to expand our family, OF COURSE we went back to SFC and told Brit we wanted another baby. We decided to wait for a true sibling to our Maximus. This meant waiting several months and watching a handful of litters be born before we found our little girl. Her mother is Maximus’ aunt, and she has the same Father as Maximus. They could not be more related unless they’d been litter mates! Brit knew how patiently we’d been waiting and watching for our second baby, and sent me photos of each baby as they were born, as we had first dibs for the litter. Amélie Seraphina came into our world on January 19th, late at night, and was loved and wanted from the moment she took her first breath - not just by us, but by Brit. Then came the part we dreaded; waiting for her to be old enough to come home. But just as she had done with Maximus, Brit made us feel like we were her only clients, and Amélie was the only puppy she had to take care of. We received regular photo, and videos of her nursing and then playing. Moments like when she opened her eyes at 12 days old for the first time, to when she decided barking was her favorite new trick, were all captured and sent to us. 


As I said, I trust Brit completely- I trusted her with my broken heart when I didn’t think I’d ever find anything to fill the void left in its place when Beckum passed, and I trust her now as my friend and part of my family. This is someone you can believe when she speaks. You can trust that she will care for and your baby, and ensure that you find each other. You can trust her when she gives you life saving advice at 11 PM, and you don’t know what to do. And you can trust her to treasure those 6 AM snuggle photos, giving her a glimpse into your private home. 

SFC is by far the best in the business, and that is because of Britanie Rains, and the incredibly high standard she sets for quality bred dogs, and truly exceptional service.


Brittany Ludvigsen, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Owner of House of Lovell Chihuahuas

Baby Max.jpeg
Baby Amelie.jpeg

"Adopting my little pup, Oz, from Salem's Finest Chihuahuas was a fantastic experience! Brit was able to match me up with a great fit. She sent detailed updates and great pics and videos leading up to the adoption. Pickup was a breeze, and you could tell it was tough for Brit because she really cares for the pups. Brit did a great job of answering all my questions (which was a ton), and the online Facebook community served as another great resource to get input from other Chi parents. My little Oz is 9 months old now and is the sweetest (and tiny little pup you've ever met. I'd highly recommend adopting from Salem's Finest Chihuahuas!". 

Matt Maring, Seattle, Washington 

Oz 2.jpg

It was important to me that we had a somewhat local breeder because I didn’t want to have to have a puppy shipped to us. After doing some research I was most impressed with your amazing website. Now after having Sherman about 6 months I don’t feel that there is anymore I could have asked for. He came home to us clean, without fleas. He had toys and food as well. The weather was horrible around the time he was due to come to us and you even brought him all the way down! He is such a joy in our lives. He just loves everyone people and animals. He is so smart. He is also an absolutely beautiful dog. We have had many compliments from just about everyone even our vet. He knew right away we didn’t get him from someone local. I would and have recommended your service to anyone looking for a Chihuahua. You obviously know your business very well. We will definitely be in touch here in a couple months or so about a girl. I saw on your page your will be breeding Calliope and Walker again . 

Virginia & Mike George, Roseburg, Oregon


We have gotten 2 Chihuahuas from Britanie at SFC. Kamille is a dainty little fawn girl that weighs 4 lb that we got when she was almost a year old and Karly is a tiny little black and tan beauty that is Britanie’s little “miracle”.  She was born weighing 3 oz and at about 5 weeks, she stopped gaining weight for about 3 weeks. This was a huge concern for us and Britanie, and so she started giving Karly extra care and supplemental feedings. Karly was a fighter and with Britanie’s special care,  she started gaining again. She is now a spunky 5 1/2 month old weighing 2 1/2 lbs!


When we chose which puppy we wanted, Britanie sent frequent photos and updates of her progress. She also posts photos and videos of all the puppies playing in the puppy room. I loved seeing my Karly in action. 


Britanie knows what she’s doing to raise happy, loving, lovable, healthy little Chis with big personalities. She continues to support us by being available to answer any questions and give advice after we bring our babies home. 


The people in our sfc friends group share on Facebook —fun photos and videos, information from medical issues to chi products to food, and any concerns or questions.  This is a big bonus. Even though most of us haven’t met in person, we are friends on here due to our chihuahua connection!

Kathy & Monty Wampler, Keizer, Oregon


Britanie has been so wonderful to work with. 
She has answered all of my questions... day or night without fail. 
 I just loved seeing the video updates of the puppy room. It’s so nice to see all the babies socializing. It definitely makes your day and puts a smile on your face. 
If your looking for a genuine person who takes such pride in her work with her dogs... look no further. 

Dana & Jason Adams, Geneva, Illinois

Henry 1.jpeg

Henry began life as Zepplin and after adoption went through a few name trials before settling  on Henry...as in Henry David Thoreau....because we live in a forest and love nature. One of the reasons I chose Henry for our family is that Britanie said he was “all boy”....Since our long time German Shorthair Pointer rescue was a rather strong character and since we have a hiking trail through out property and various wildlife that wander through, it seemed prudent to adopt a confident chi who would be able to stand up to the environment. Later I came to
realize that perhaps what Brit meant was that Henry liked to hump things. Fortunately we have discouraged his humping habit and he has fit in to our rural lifestyle. He is a confident boy, sometimes a bit too much so, but with good training classes and because he is so intelligent,
we are curbing his puppy bites, helping him to understand the difference between friendly nibbling and painful bites. There are some great training videos on You Tube.
We weren’t sure about how Albert the GSP would respond to Henry and were very glad we listened to Brit’s information about what kennels and foods etc to have in place BEFORE bringing our chi pup home. The Iris play pen is essential. The crate is essential: we have 4 but
so far we use the wire and the traditional hard sided ones daily; the “tent”couldn’t stand up to Henry’s tests so it languishes in a closet...I bought an extra small hard sided one but it became too small pretty quickly.
The relationship between Henry and Albert is complex: Henry can be terribly annoying, jumping on Albert, biting at his face and ears and Albert has the patience of a saint....me not so much. I tend to put Henry in the play pen when he starts bugging Albert and sometimes
Albert had gone in the playpen to get away from Henry. They run together and hike together with me; Henry on leash and Albert off leash. Many days I leave Henry in his harness and leash so that he is within reach while loose in the living area of the house. We have cared for
and lived with a powerful chi before Henry so Albert was familiar with having a chi in the family. Albert seems happier to have Henry around and I have been able to lower his anxiety meds as a result. Harnesses were difficult to find that fit Henry at 3 pounds. I finally found that cat harnesses were just right. He is now slightly over 5 pounds and the cat harnesses still work best.
Henry slept through the night from the first night. By careful planning and careful watchfulness, he does not pee in the house. We did not use pee pads, though I have them, because he tended to attack and shred them, rather than use them. So I became very watchful....That is the essence of working with Henry, or any puppy I imagine....He is never out of my sight or control because of our desire to complete his house training and to keep him safe. He does have a couple of inside poop sites and if I am not watchful, there will be tootsie rolls on the
carpet....I have a scent removing spray that I use when I pick up his droppings. Fortunately his poo is firm and does not soak into the carpet. He is working on telling me when he needs out with certain calls or motions toward the door....and I am working on listening, learning to speak dog (which by the by is the title of a very good book) So he is 5 months now and not completely house broken, but getting there. We attended a puppy class of 4 sessions when his shot series was complete and he was about 4 months old; it was helpful to get me on track with training us both. Henry picked up direction very quickly. We are starting a 6 week class this Friday on communication: “The Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCCTM) training system can help you create the kind of connection and cooperation you want with your dog. Firmly founded on the principles of Suzanne Clothier's Relationship Centered TrainingTM, CCC helps you create mutual connection with your dog, while you also develop cheerful cooperation. “ I think the thing I wish I had was some kind of outline of what I could expect from Henry’s
developmental behavior during his first year. How much sleep is normal (he seemed to need more than I realized, and he was quite willing to go on without rest until he was in crazy town), how to cope with his biting (the YouTube trainer helped me with this very much, learning that it
was Henry learning the proper jaw strength to use, learning not to hurt others). There were some guidelines about how often to take him out to potty, but they didn’t seem to apply to Henry as he slept through the night.
I remember counting on the guidelines with my human babies; to have a list of ranges of when
certain developments occur with a chi would be something to lean on. At what age or age range can one expect teething to occur and then to settle down; at what
age is it likely that they have more control over bodily function; what is the proper amount of kibble to offer during the day; how long should you leave food down if the pup isn’t eating; when can you expect the pup to become consistent in eating; are zoomies a sign of over stimulation and should or should not be encouraged and why. At what age is it best to spay or neuter? But I suppose if you wrote up all that information you should make it a book and sell it....I’d buy it. You are the expert on chi’s so why not.....you have a complete dedication to the breed. One other issue I had to deal with was some confusion with the local vet about immunization. While he is experienced with small breeds and was at one time a small poodle breeder, he didn’t seem to recognize the pharmaceutical company that made the inoculations Henry had already had. I understood the vet to say he was going to start them over and that made no sense to me or to Brit. Fortunately my daughter is a highly skilled vet and I was able to clarify with her that Henry had already had two appropriate shots under Brit’s watch, and a 3rd from the local vet and needed only his 4th which she provided. I was relieved to get this clarification so I could begin Henry in training classes. For me the upshot is when it doubt contact Brit and if you don’t have a vet in the family, get a second opinion. Chi’s are special
animals, are tiny and need expertise in care. That’s about all I can think of....I am in love with Henry. His presence in our home has brought us all closer together, has turned our world upside down in ways and right side up in other ways. He’s a love bunny and a pistol, all wrapped up in one 5 pound bundle.

Henry 2.jpeg

If you have your heart set on a puppy but you were wondering about the adults for rehoming,  know that you will be getting a dog that has been loved and cared for while in her family and in her home with all the love and affection. We were worried Jing might not connect with us because he was initially so nervous when he met us, but Jing adores us as much as we adore him. He follows us everywhere we go and showers us with kisses. He’s smart and funny as can be.

When we take him out with us, everyone always comments on how calm and chill he is for a Chihuahua. He seems to know when we are out and about that he is “working," because when he is home he is one of the pack with our two older dogs.

Jing is a cuddle hound. His favorite things to do in the world are be held and play with his toys. He is sweet and funny, and gorgeous! I haven’t even mentioned how gorgeous he is! He is the cutest thing in the world and everyone always tells us and has to come running up to touch him and meet him. It’s a good thing he’s so chill! We are so proud to have him in our family and so happy to have him to love and adore.

Laura Soyster & Kevin Kirby, Beaverton, Oregon


Getting my Chihuahua from Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas’s has been one of the best experiences ever. Our little TicTac has been such a wonderful addition to our crazy family! He settled right into the madness of two little boys and other pets with no effort at all, I truly believe this is because of the way Britanie raises her puppies! They grow up in a warm inviting home surrounded with love by other dogs and her wonderful children and husband! Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas’s has some of the nicest dogs and puppies I have ever met and if you are wanting to add one to your home, this is the place to get one or two from! Thank you so much for trusting us with one of your littles and always being there to answer any questions! I know myself and others are incredibly grateful for you! Having worked in the vet industry for 6 years, I can truly say I wish more breeders cared for their dogs the way Britanie does. She is the best there is! Thank you Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas’s!!!!

The Couch Family! Silverton, Oregon


This being November, and the month that people state what they are thankful for, we wanted to thank Britanie Rains and her family (Salem's Finest Chihuahua's) for our little Todd.  He is just a joy!  He is so cute, funny, silly, loving, caring and sweet.  He loves to run fast and jump high, I swear he has springs in his legs!  He can look at you with looks so deep you just know he is telling you he loves you.  He is smart!  He seems to know everything you are saying, and if you tell him to go get a toy or bone, he knows which one is which.  He's a great snuggler, and some days you need a good snuggler!  He gives hugs, seriously!  He knows if you are sad, and shows concern.  He loves his doggie sister Lacey, and he also loves to try and get our cat, Miss Kitty, to chase him.  He thinks treats are the greatest thing, and sometimes will sit straight up for them, even though we didn't teach him that.  I have sort of taught him "high five" and he caught on to that really fast.  We are so grateful to have him in our life.  If you want a puppy that has had a wonderful start to become their best self, choose a puppy from Salem's Finest Chihuahua's.  Thank you so much for our Todd.

Janna & Ken Williams, Toledo, Oregon


 I have been following Salem’s Finest Chihuahua’s for a few years as I knew I wanted to adopt a chihuahua when I was able to do so. I wanted to make sure that whichever breeder I chose was one who was responsible and kind. I have been more than impressed by how much and how well Britanie cares for each and every one of her puppies. She is a very kind, responsible, caring, and compassionate breeder. She not only cares about her chihuahuas as puppies but she loves to make sure that they are well cared for after they leave her home. I’m so happy we chose her for not only one, but two chihuahuas! I highly recommend SFC to anyone looking for a chihuahua, they’re worth every penny and more! 

Sarah & Alex, Beaverton, Oregon


Our family will be forever grateful to Brit and her family for finding us our new forever friend Forrest. After losing our beloved chihuahua of 14 years, I wasn’t sure how it would be to have a new puppy again, but thanks to Brit’s incredible breeding it is a relief to know that our puppy won’t suffer some of the genetic issues our prior dog had, and thanks to her home-based socialization our puppy was immediately so unbelievably loving to our three children and has just been the best thing that happened to us this year since the first day we met him. He is cuddled on my lap as I write this and has brought our family so much love and joy. Thank you, Brit, and also for how organized and informative you are-the whole process was a delight!


Tracy and Family, Vashon, Washington


Thorough And Fantastic At Every Stage. Five stars, absolutely would recommend.  

I have gotten three chihuahuas from Salem’s Finest Chihuahuas and my experience, at every stage, has been nothing short of excellent. She is awesome at fielding questions, brainstorming, and teaching. I am always amazed at her skill and care for both her puppies and people. Working with her is a joy and the community she has built is amazing. Whether it be a success or an issue you need help on everyone is super supportive and encouraging.

               No detail is too small for Britanie and that applies to every stage of being her client. When I applied, I mentioned that I had lost my mom a year prior and was hoping to find a puppy to help heal my heart. Based on my description of what I was looking for, she almost immediately had a puppy in mind and that puppy, Figg (“Doc Holiday” from Sonora X Holden “Wild West” litter, August 12, 2020), is an answered prayer. During the process of waiting for him to come home, her weekly updates, photos and videos made me feel like I was right there. She keeps us up to date on how other litters are doing and following their journey really reinforces the feeling of being part of the process. I told everyone at home I was puppy pregnant, and it was true! Other expectant parents who are part of your puppy’s litter will become great friends and resources. Once Figg was home he had an upset tummy from traveling but since Britanie had already educated on what to expect I felt prepared. Even still when I told her what was happening, she talked me through exactly what I needed to do in real time. Having that kind of support and expertise in your breeder is priceless and I honestly cannot say I’ve ever had that level of client support animal related or otherwise.

               In May of 2021 Fiddle (“Mia” from Letty X Fonzie “Fast and Furious” litter) and Felix (“Wasabi” from Sophia X Rhys “Spice Up Your Life” litter) came home to join Figg and I. Once again, her puppies are just outstanding. They grow up in a puppy environment with lots of interactions and it totally creates happy and balanced puppies. Each has its own little quirks but overall when each puppy got home they responded to their name, were already started on potty pads, and very easy to handle. They are happy, healthy and absolutely gorgeous. From customer experience to quality of chihuahuas Britanie is a 11/10 and I’m so glad to be one of her puppy parents.

Christin Hardy, Raleigh, South Carolina,

Owner of FiddleFigg Chihuahuas

Christin with F & F.jpg