Need a payment plan? We got you covered.


Please read the terms and conditions on establishing a payment plan and if this is something that you will need. You must first be pre-approved on your puppy application and this will all be included on a puppy contract and should be treated as an agreement from both parties and will be listed on the puppy contract. Please read the following to see if this is something you are interested in or if the puppy you are interested in meets the criteria below.

  • We do recommend checking into PayPal credit to apply for the purchase price of our puppy if you do not want to engage in a payment plan with SFC.

  • A deposit is required to hold any puppy. A minimum deposit is $500.00 to take a puppy off of our available puppies’ page and place them on hold for you. The requested deposit amount will need to be paid for as soon as possible.

  • Payments will be set up to be either be weekly or bi-weekly in an amount you can afford to pay in a reasonable time and the puppy is not to exceed the age of 12 weeks.

  • Payment invoices will be emailed to you with the due dates posted for each planned payment due. These are to be treated like any other bill or payment responsibility.

  • It is your responsibility to keep track of when your puppy payments are due and need to be paid. Look ahead at your pay schedule now so you are aware of pay dates and pay periods.

  • All fees paid to Salem’s Finest are non-refundable, this includes deposits, boarding fees, payment plan fees, PayPal fees or final fees.

  • A payment plan cannot be transferred to a different puppy. All monies paid towards initial puppy will be forfeited if you are unable to continue paying for your puppy or do not finish paying for your puppy in the agreed upon time.

  • A payment plan can only be established on a puppy that is a maximum of 4 weeks old; or the puppy will only remain in the breeders care until the age of 12 weeks on a payment plan if the puppy is older than 4 weeks.

  • The maximum amount of time allotted for a payment plan is 12 weeks; unless the puppy needs to remain in the breeder’s care and this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Any puppy older than 11.5 weeks will possibly need a Rabies vaccine administered if they are requiring Cargo shipping.

  • A Rabies vaccine requires an additional vet examination, which is another fee, plus the cost of the Rabies vaccine. Please keep this in mind.

  • Shipping charges cannot be included in a payment plan.

  • Cargo Shipping charges need to be paid before week 10 if the puppy is requiring any form of shipping or travelling to get the puppy to your location/destination. Shipping rates if needed are an additional $500.00. Shipping with a pet nanny are $550.00 and this fee is paid directly to them. This will need to be paid to them by week 11 so I can ship your puppy to you at week 12.

  • Average age of puppies when leaving SFC is around 9 weeks old. A payment plan allows you a few extra weeks to pay for your puppy.

  • Payment plan fees are an additional $175.00. This includes the time, supplies and space to continue to take care of the puppy after he/she has been ready to go home. This is less than our boarding fees, which are normally $18 a day or $100.00 a week. This breaks down to about $58 a week to help establish a payment plan for you.

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