Shipping is available in the U.S Only!

SFC puppies are currently in 29 states, including Alaska! 

Hesitant on the thought of shipping? That is understandable, but I can assure you, I wouldn't put the puppies or dogs we sell in harms way. We have had most of our own breeding stock shipped to us from all over the country. I have plenty of experience with shipping dogs to customers as well as receiving dogs too. I've been on both sides.


Shipping is available to new owners that are located in the United States only. Shipping methods that are arranged by Salem's Finest are with a pet nanny. Our nannies deliver to most locations or will get to the closest airport possible. There may be a bit of travelling on your end. Please keep that in mind.  


The charges are an additional $550.00 or more, depending on location.

The pet nanny will contact you after I have made arrangements on my end. You will be responsible for paying a small deposit via PayPal and then the remaining balance by Cash when your puppy is delivered to you. A photo will be taken of you and your puppy and sent to me for delivery conformation. 

Please be aware that this does not include the delivery charge that is also taken into consideration for needing shipping. The traveling fee is an additional charge of $150.00

You are responsible to pick up the puppy at the airport that it is delivered to you and then to notify Salem's Finest immediately to inform us that you have the puppy is in your possession. Puppies must be over 8 weeks before they can be shipped, or 10 weeks if under 2 lbs. More than one puppy can be shipped together for one shipping charge, but two puppies is the maximum and you will still have a fee of $150.00 for the additional puppy. Please be advised that we do our best to get you your new puppy, but sometimes weather conditions can prevent a flight from taking off on time or may cancel an existing departure time that may have to be rescheduled. Salem's Finest will do their best to get you your puppy on time, but safety comes first.


Another shipping option is having you fly into the Portland International Airport (PDX) when your puppy is approximately 9 weeks of age. The fee for this service is $200.00 (includes health certificate and additional vet examination). (If no health certificate is needed, the fee is less)You are responsible to purchase your own round trip airline ticket with whichever airlines you desire, but make sure that they have pet allowances for the puppy(ies) to be able to ride in the cabin, usually underneath your seat, sometimes on your lap, but always in the pet carrier. Please also be aware that the airline that you fly with may have fees to have a pet fly with you. Always double check!!!

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