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SFC Waiting list

Please note, that this list    is not in any specific order. Applications were processed and pre-approved and added to the waiting list. Non-refundable application fee was collected.  This does not mean that someone below you won't get their puppy first. You all have different requests!!  Failure to communicate when I reach out to you about puppies will cause removal from our waiting list. 

Brooke M. 

Gabrielli F.  

Adia S. 

  Liz B.  

Joanne R.    

Angela C. 

 Kim B. 

Stephen A. 

Kate C. 

Heather L. 

Anthony V.

Lindsey H. 

Ann S. 

Kate C.  

Diane T.  

Grace L. 

Katy S.  

Jasmin W. 

Nicole L. 

Tammy T. 

Lisa N. 

Donna T.  

Clare H. 

Kristie H. 

Natasha H. 

Sara T. 

Emily C. 

Red. D. 

Danielle G. 

Angell G. 

Rod. C.