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SFC Waiting list

Please note, that this list is not in any specific order. Applications were processed and pre-approved and added to the waiting list. Non-refundable application fee was collected.  This does not mean that someone below you won't get their puppy first. You all have different requests!!  Failure to communicate when I reach out to you about puppies will cause removal from our waiting list.  

Red D.

Brooke M. & JP G.  

               Liz B.                 ​ 

Kathy J. 

Teresa HB.& Oscar

Kim P. 

Ana G. & Ming F.  

Laura S. 

Ashley F.

Gabrielli F & Bruno S.  

Monna & Robert P. 

Rebecca H. 

Karen & William L. 

Brenda & Brian F. 

Kelsey & Nathan S.

Gina M. & Alex M. 

Caralinda M. & Morgan A. 

Lisa & Kelly C. 

Paige A. 

Laura B. 








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