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Occasionally we have adults or young puppies available to be rehomed. We do require a full screening to be done on all potential adopters, so please take the time to submit a puppy application and indicate whom you are interested in. Please make sure you are aware of all behaviors that are disclosed to you when adopting a dog that is being rehomed. If you have any doubt at all, please speak up and do not accept the dog. You only make the situation that much harder on the animal. I will not schedule a meet-in-greet with anyone unless you have taken the time to submit an application as well as gotten it pre-approved. Rehoming our dogs and puppies are not expedited. We truly want to make sure the placement is permanent. Not all of our dogs listed below are available just yet, but you are welcome to send us in an application and make us aware that you are interested in a potential placement. Thank you for your interest in our dogs and puppies and for wanting to offer a home to one of our retirees or to a puppy who just didn't make the cut for breeding plans. Average price for retired dogs from our breeding program is around $500 and they come altered and up to date on immunizations and recent dental. Average price of young adults range from $1200-4000 and spay/neuter is occasionally done or the responsibility of new owner. On rare occasion, we have some who need guardian homes. 


Name: Brooklyn Altered: Yes Available now


Name: Savvi Altered: Yes Available now

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