Where are they now?

SFC puppies are currently in 31 states, including Alaska! 

Leia - Salem, Oregon, (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Zoey - Glendale, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Simon - Glendale, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Dexter - Keizer, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Emmagene - Keizer, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Frankie - Castle Rock, Washington (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Dixie - Pullman, Washington (Stella/Oliver litter)

Piper - Corvallis, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Skylar - Corvallis, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Blossom - Indianapolis, Indiana (Paisley/Oliver litter)

Brooklyn - Keizer, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter) 

Luna - Hillsboro, Oregon (Paisley/Oliver litter) 

Pepita - Bellevue, Washington (Stella/Oliver litter)

Baylee - Keizer, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter)

Princess Dala - Albuquerque, New Mexico (Aria/Maverick litter)

Marcela - Medford, Oregon (Emmagene/Harrison litter)

Manolo - Medford, Oregon (Emmagene/Harrison litter)

Tulip - Salem, Oregon (Emmagene/Harrison litter)

Sophia - Keizer, Oregon (Paisley/Maverick litter)

MaizyBell - Chelan, Washington (Paisley/Maverick litter)

Sparky - Hood River, Oregon (Paisley/Maverick litter)

Maxwell - Ashland, Oregon (Paisley/Maverick litter)

Dolly - Milwaukie, Oregon (Paisley/Maverick litter)

Spock - Lincoln City, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter)

Reeko - Newberg, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter)

Wednesday - Eagle Point, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter) 

Dellaluna - Molalla, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter)

Brynlee - Bend, Oregon (Stella/Oliver litter) 

Cash - Federal Way, Washington (Calliope/Harrison litter)

Cora - JBER, Alaska (Calliope/Harrison litter)

Simba - Tillamook, Oregon (Aria/Gryffin litter)

Rory - Ferndale, Washington  (Aria/Gryffin litter)

Finn - Casper, Wyoming (Aria/Gryffin litter)

Paxton -  Casper, Wyoming (Priscilla/Gryffin litter)

Opal -  Bend, Oregon  (Priscilla/Gryffin litter)

Tink -  Keizer, Oregon  (Priscilla/Gryffin litter)

Winston -  Hillsboro, Oregon (Priscilla/Gryffin litter)

Farley - Casper, Wyoming (Emmagene/Gryffin litter)

Zoella - Keizer, Oregon  (Emmagene/Gryffin litter)

Nola - Pullman, Washington (Emmagene/Gryffin litter)

Timber - Brookings, Oregon (Emmagene/Gryffin litter)

Otis - Newberg, Oregon (Emmagene/Gryffin litter)

Murphy - Corvallis, Oregon(Francesca/Maverick litter)

Boots - Brookings, Oregon (Francesca/Maverick litter)

Mortimer - Pottstown, Pennsylvania (Brooklyn/Anderson litter)

Cooper - Casper, Wyoming (Brooklyn/Anderson litter)

Titan - Toms Place, California (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Carly - Lincoln City, Oregon (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Willow - Brookings, Oregon (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Willey - Goldendale, Washington (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Poppy - Hillsboro, Oregon- (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Onyx - Toms Place, California (Abigail/Oliver litter)

Finley - Eugene, Oregon (Calliope/Oliver litter)

Olivia Rey -  Salkum, Washington (Calliope/Oliver litter)

Chewy - Gardner, Kansas (Calliope/Oliver liter)

Toad - Portland, Oregon(Paisley/Gryffin litter)

Quincy - Bend, Oregon (Paisley/Gryffin litter)

Willow - Carlsbad, California (Paisley/Gryffin litter)

Star - Oregon City, Oregon (Paisley/Gryffin litter)

Pixie River - Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon (Paisley/Gryffin litter)

Theodore - Mollala, Oregon(Charlotte/Gryffin litter)

Pearl- Sammamish, Washington (Lola/Oliver litter)

Josie - Scottsdale, Arizona (Lola/Oliver litter)

Barkley Sniffmore - Piedmont, California (Lola/Oliver litter) 

Gina - Portland, Oregon (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Ireland - La Pine, Oregon (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Humphrey Bogart "Bogie"- Casper, Wyoming (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Roy - Fortuna, California (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Banana (Havana) - Washington (Stella/Gryffin litter)

D.Va- San Antonio, Texas (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Ana Pearl - Cloverdale, Oregon (Aria/Atticus litter)

Takoda - La Pine, Oregon (Aria/Atticus litter)

Tic Tac - Silverton, Oregon (Aria/Atticus litter) 

Czarina - Keizer, Oregon (Sophia/Boris litter)

Viola - Keizer, Oregon (Emma/Gryffin litter)

Chewie - Portland, Oregon (Emma/Gryffin litter)

Ziggy - Roseburg, Oregon(Emma/Gryffin litter)

Kira- Lake Oswego, Oregon(Emma/Gryffin litter)

Jax- Salem, Oregon (Emma/Gryffin litter)

Pearl - Verdi, Nevada (Emma/Gryffin litter)

Kealee - Bend, Oregon (Priscilla/Charley litter)

Frannie Sue - Vandalia, Michigan (Priscilla/Charley litter)

Anni - St. Helens, Oregon (Priscilla/Charley litter)

Goose - Reno, Nevada (Klaire/Maverick litter)

Angel - Vancouver, Washington  (Francesca/Charley litter)

Winston - Washougal, Washington (Calliope/Charley litter)

Maximus - Santa Fe, New Mexico (Calliope/Charley litter)

Belle - Las Vegas, Nevada (Calliope/Charley litter)

Tenacious - Seattle, Washington (Calliope/Charley litter)

Forest - Brookings, Oregon (Abigail/Charley litter)

Zane- Salem, Oregon(Abigail/Charley litter)

Zoey- Mount Hood Parkdale, Oregon (Abigail/Charley litter)

Holden - Belleville, Michigan (Abigail/Charley litter)

Skye - Lakeview, Oregon (Brooklyn/ Atticus litter)

Myszka - Norwalk, Connecticut (Brooklyn/Atticus litter)

Sydnee - Keizer, Oregon (Brooklyn/Atticus litter)

Esme - Pasco, Washington (Brooklyn/Atticus litter)

Lilly - Portland, Oregon (Paisley/Charley litter)

Remy- Portland, Oregon (Paisley/Charley litter)

Finn - Bradenton, Florida (Paisley/Charley litter)

Mr. Pickles - Cloverdale, Oregon (Paisley/Charley litter)

Jo'LL "Jojo"-  Spokane Valley, Washington (Aria/Anderson litter)

Sasha- Tumwater, Washington (Aria/Anderson litter)

Jazmine "Jazzy"- Spokane Valley, Washington (Aria/Anderson litter)

Taz - The Dalles, Oregon(Aria/Anderson litter)

Jameson- Helena, Montana (Francesca/Walker litter)

Roswell-  Glendale, Oregon (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Curtis- Seattle, Washington (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Talon - Shelton, Washington (Stella/Grffyin litter)

Winston - Pasadena, California (Stella/Gryffin litter)

Javier "Javi" - Beaverton, Oregon (Sophia/Walker litter)

Wesley - Bend, Oregon (Sophia/Walker litter)

Axle - North Bend, Oregon (Sophia/Walker litter)

Negan -  Lancaster, California (Sophia/Walker litter)

Lexi -  North Bend, Oregon (Sophia/Walker litter)

Lola- Federal Way, Washington (Emmagene/Anderson litter)

Todd - Newport, Oregon (Emmagene/Anderson litter)

Roux - North Bend, Oregon(Emmagene/Anderson litter)

Lulu - Federal Way, Washington (Emmagene/Anderson litter)

Juliyana - Keizer, Oregon (Emmagene/Anderson litter)

Onyx - North Bend, Oregon (Emmagene/Anderson litter) 

Hawke - Gladstone, Oregon (Daphne/Walker litter)

Layla- Manhattan, Illinois (Daphne/Walker litter)

Pollo - Portland, Oregon (Daphne/Walker litter)

Hinto -  Bend, Oregon (Daphne/Walker litter)

Micco- Bend, Oregon (Priscilla/Walker litter)

Oz - Seattle, Washington (Priscilla/Walker litter)

Reese- Kirbyville, Texas (Priscilla/Walker litter)

Oliviya - Salem, Oregon (Zoella/Charley litter)

Lidiya- Keizer, Oregon (Zoella/Charley litter)

Marie - Sherwood, Oregon (Calliope/Walker litter)

Sherman - Sutherlin, Oregon (Calliope/Walker litter)

Bailey - Central Point, Oregon (Calliope/Walker litter)

Bella - Alamo, California (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Gigi - Hicksville, New York (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Oliver - Seattle, Washington (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Amelie - Santa Fe, New Mexico (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Ellie- Scappoose, Oregon (Havana/Xavier litter)

Scar - Kennewick, Washington (Havana/Xavier litter)

Lyric - Piqua, Kansas (Havana/Xavier litter)

Karly - Keizer, Oregon (Havana/Xavier litter)

Cami - Kennewick, Washington (Abigail/Charley litter)

Georgia - Keizer, Oregon (Abigail/Charley litter)

Sinatra - Vancouver, Washington (Abigail/Charley litter)

Emoo- Huntsville, Texas (Abigail/Charley litter)

Henry - Clatskanie, Oregon (Abigail/Charley litter)

Chino - Geneva, Illinois (Klaire/Charley litter)

Tequila - Woodinville, Washington (Klaire/Charley litter)

Guinevere - Keizer, Oregon (Paisley/Boris litter)

Blu - Marina Del Ray, California (Paisley/Boris litter)

Willameena - Keizer, Oregon (Paisley/Boris litter)

George - Portland, Oregon (Sonora/Memphis litter)

GiaVanni - Keizer, Oregon (Sonora/Memphis litter)

Auggie - Sheridan, Oregon(Sophia/Charley litter)

Oakley - Reno, Nevada (Sophia/Charley litter)

Winnie - East Quogue, New York (Sophia/Charley litter)

Wilby - Okeechobee, Florida (Sophia/Charley litter)

Darby - Okeechobee, Florida (Sophia/Charley litter)

Liv - North Bend, Washington (Sophia/Charley litter)

Arlo - Portland, Oregon(Emma/Boris litter)

Saitama - Portland, Oregon (Emma/Boris litter)

Luka - Portland, Oregon (Emma/Boris litter)

Dexter- Alamo, California (Emma/Boris litter)

Starlet - Vancouver, Washington (Emma/Boris litter)

Luca - North Bend, Washington (Ireland/Xavier litter)

Maximillian - Oregon City, Oregon (Ireland/Xavier litter)

Stuart - Florence, Oregon (Zoella/Charley litter)

Sam - West Richland, Washington (Zoella/Charley litter)

Diego - Long Island, New York(Zoella/Charley litter)

Bruno -  Furtuna, California (Sydnee/Mylo litter)

Bimo -  Portland, Oregon (Sydnee/Mylo litter)

Margeaux-  Santa Fe, New Mexico (Sydnee/Mylo litter)

Koraline - Keizer, Oregon (Daphne/Anderson litter)

Signie - Kennewick, Washington (Daphne/Anderson litter)

Sugar - Myrtle Creek, Oregon (Daphne/Anderson litter)

Panda - Salem, Oregon (Priscilla/Charley litter)

Charlie - Newburg, Oregon (Priscilla/Charley litter) 

Christian - Lakeport, California (Charlotte/Mylo litter)

Mylo Jr. -  Grants Pass, Oregon (Charlotte/Mylo litter)

Buckles - Myrtle Creek, Oregon (Charlotte/Mylo litter)

Goya -  Clearwater Beach, Florida (Charlotte/Mylo litter)

Andy - Pullman, Washington (Charlotte/Mylo litter)

Sullivan - Fort Worth, Texas (Gyselle/Charley litter)

Finn - Forth Worth, Texas (Havana/Boris litter)

Sam -  Keizer, Oregon (Havana/Boris litter)

Penny -  Beaverton, Oregon (Havana/Boris litter)

Dre- Walnut Creek, California (Havana/Boris litter)

Marvin -  Keizer, Oregon (Havana/Boris litter)

Martini - Long Island, New York (Stella/Xavier litter)

Ella - Boise, Idaho (Stella/Xavier litter)

Lucille - Roseburg, Oregon (Stella/Xavier litter)

Tomatillo - Pullyup, Washington (Stella/Xavier litter)

Aerwyn- Santa Fe, New Mexico (Stella/Xavier litter)

Ringo - Vacaville, California (Stella/Xavier litter)

Jax - Beaverton, Oregon (Stella/Xavier litter)

Malachite - Silverton, Oregon (Viola/Charley litter)

Brea - Keizer, Oregon (Viola/Charley litter)

Winnie - Echo, Oregon (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Whiskey - Kennewick, Washington (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Blue -  Eagle River, Alaska (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Max - Fort Worth, Texas (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Billie - Eagle River, Alaska (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Rosa - Seattle, Washington (Baylee/Xavier litter)

Polly- Lorton, Virginia (Topanga/Xavier litter)

Chico - Salem, Oregon (Topanga/Xavier litter)

Olive - Tiburon, California (Topanga/Xavier litter)

Porsche - Bend, Oregon (Topanga/Xavier litter)

Piper - Anchorage, Alaska (Aria/Walker litter)

Lucy - Salem, Oregon  (Aria/Walker litter)

Bella - Salem, Oregon (Aria/Walker litter)

Theodore- Beaverton, Oregon (Aria/Walker litter)

Timothy Hey Jr. - Sheridan, Oregon(Calliope/Walker litter)

Bella - Central Point, Oregon (Calliope/Walker litter)

Zoey - John Day, Oregon (Zoella/Walker litter)

Reni - Bend, Oregon(Zoella/Walker litter)

Franklin - Seattle, Washington (Zoella/Walker litter)

Archie - San Francisco, California (Zoella/Walker litter)

Rosa Helen - Bend, Oregon (Ysabella/Anderson litter)

Lily - Beaverton, Oregon (Ysabella/Anderson litter)

Roux - Keizer, Oregon (Ysabella/Anderson litter)

Mia - Gold Beach, Oregon (Ysabella/Anderson litter)

Billie Jo- Hicksville, New York (Emiliya/Dmitry litter)

Adrianna - Marlton, New Jersy (Emiliya/Dmitry litter)

Wally - Durham, North Carolina(Sonora/Dmitry litter)

Charleston- Milford, Pennsylvania (Sonora/Dmitry litter)

Leena -  Iva, South Carolina (Sonora/Dmitry litter)

Piper - Portland, Oregon (Sonora/Dmitry litter)

Leo - Boston, Massachusetts and then Japan (Sophia/Xavier litter) 

Deja -  Beaverton, Oregon (Sophia/Xavier litter) 

Sunny -  Portland, Oregon (Sophia/Xavier litter) 

Arrow -  Bonney Lake, Washington (Sophia/Xavier litter) 

Roscoe -  Central Point, Oregon (Sophia/Xavier litter) 

Ayla -  Tacoma, Washington (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Dolce - Pullyup, Washington (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Gus - Albany, Oregon (Charlotte/Charley litter)

Bella - Sevierville, Tennessee (Sydnee/Dmitry litter)

Lizzy - Lake Oswego, Oregon (Sydnee/Dmitry litter)

Emmett - Salem, Oregon (Sydnee/Dmitry litter)

Bucky- Happy Valley, Oregon  (Sydnee/Dmitry litter)

Richee - Sunnyvale, California (Sydnee/Dmitry litter)

Rosie - Portland, Oregon (Guinevere/Charley litter)

Montana - Keizer, Oregon (Guinevere/Charley litter)

Smudge - Parkland, Florida (Priscilla/Dmitry litter)

Huckleberry Finn - Portland, Oregon (Priscilla/Dmitry litter)

Lychee - Parkland, Florida (Priscilla/Dmitry litter)

Schroder - Felton, California (Charizma/Dmitry litter)

Jackson - Henryetta, Oklahoma (Charizma/Dmitry litter)

Friday - Star, Idaho (Charizma/Dmitry litter)

Sally - Felton, California (Charizma/Dmitry litter)

Woodstock - Los Angeles, California (Charizma/Dmitry litter)

Charlie Brown - Albuquerque, New Mexico (Charizma/Dmitry litter) 

Ellanore- Keizer, Oregon (Lidiya/Holden litter)

Dahlia - Albany, Oregon (Lidiya/Holden litter)

Franki - Bend, Oregon (Lidiya/Holden litter)

Layla- Scappoose, Oregon (Lidiya/Holden litter)

Bodhi - Nashua, New Hampshire (Koraline/Sebastian litter)

Tate - Everett, Washington (Koraline/Sebastian litter) 

Naveja -  Keizer, Oregon (Koraline/Sebastian litter)

Beau Jangles - Malin, Oregon (Juliyana/Memphis litter)

Nashville - Hillsboro, Oregon (Juliyana/Memphis litter)

Mariyana - Keizer, Oregon (Juliyana/Memphis litter)

Billy -  Clinton, Washington (Juliyana/Memphis litter)

Billy Blue - Albany, New York (Topanga/Dmitry litter)

Indigo - Star, Idaho (Topanga/Dmitry litter)

Magnus Blue - Edmonds, Washington (Topanga/Dmitry litter)

Whitney - Hicksville, New York (Topanga/Dmitry litter)

Pickles - Vandalia, Michigan (Baylee/Memphis litter)

Rill - San Francisco, California (Baylee/Memphis litter)

Jinx - Ashland, Oregon (Baylee/Memphis litter)

Ruger - Bonney Lake, Washington (Baylee/Memphis litter)

Oreo - Tillamook, Oregon (Baylee/Memphis litter)

Mango- Beaverton, Oregon (Brea/Holden litter)

Chloe - Gresham, Oregon (Brea/Holden litter)

Alpha - Jonesboro, Georgia (Ysabella/Charley litter)

Bravo - Parkland, Florida (Ysabella/Charley litter)

Emma - Beaverton, Oregon (Ysabella/Charley litter)

Echo - Sun City, Arizona (Ysabella/Charley litter)

Luna - Laurel, Maryland  (Laguna/Holden litter)

Meadow - Tacoma, Washington (Laguna/Holden litter)

Moose - Seattle, Washington (Laguna/Holden litter)

McQueen - Venice, California (Sonora/Holden litter)

Figg - Raleigh, North Carolina (Sonora/Holden litter)

Arizona - Piqua, Kansas (Sonora/Holden litter)

Leo - Salem, Oregon (Sophia/Sam litter)

Layla - Stamford, Connecticut (Sophia/Sam litter)

Lily - Salem, Oregon (Sophia/Sam litter)

Prim - San Tan Valley, Arizona (Viola/Memphis litter)

Scottie- Cathamelt, Washington (Viola/Memphis litter)

Cosmo - Los Angeles, California (Viola/Memphis litter)

Tula - Newport, Oregon (Viola/Memphis litter)

Diamond -  Weathersfield, Connecticut (Viola/Memphis litter) 

Mina Renee - North Salt Lake, Utah (Emiliya/Sebastian litter)

Chewie - Lynnwood, Washington (Emiliya/Sebastian litter)

Louis - Campbell, California (Georgia/Holden litter)

Percy - West Linn, Oregon (Georgia/Holden litter)

Stella -  West Linn, Oregon (Georgia/Holden litter)

Morticia - Seattle, Washington (Shelbie/Charley litter)

Wednesday - Prior Lake, Minnesota (Shelbie/Charley litter)

Hefe - Winter Park, Florida (Shelbie/Charley litter)

Fletcher- (Sydnee/Holden litter)

Ozzy - Vandalia, Michigan (Sydnee/Holden litter)

Abracadabra - Bronx, New York (Sydnee/Holden litter)

Paisley - New York, New York (Sydnee/Holden litter)

Clara -  Albany, Oregon (Czarina/Sebastian litter)

Maya - Reno, Nevada (Czarina/Sebastian litter)

Pickles - Portland, Oregon (Czarina/Sebastian litter)

Priscilla/Tyler litter coming soon! (December)

GiaVanni/Rhys litter coming soon! (December)

Charizma/Fonzie litter coming soon! (January, 2021)

Willameena/Rhys litter coming soon! (January, 2021)

Koraline/Roux litter coming soon! (January, 2021)

Lidiya/Sebastian litter coming soon! (January, 2021)

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