My name is Britanie Rains, I am the sole Owner/Operator and breeding specialist at Salem's Finest AKC Family Raised Chihuahuas; however, this has become a family affair. We are all active participants of our breeding program. As much as I would love to take credit for all of this, I owe it to my husband, and my boys. Together, working hard, is why our pups and dogs are as amazing as everyone says.


 We are responsible hobby breeders, breeding for the love of the Chihuahua. We have had Chihuahuas our entire lives decided it was finally time to follow a passion of ours--to breed and share this wonderful breed with the world! We also breed as closely to the AKC STANDARDS as possible, therefore we find that we are always striving to better the breed. We focus mostly on temperament and personality--as we feel that is the most important characteristic of any dog. A lot of time and research has been conducted before beginning our breeding program. All of our breeding stock is checked routinely by our Veterinarian and tested for genetic diseases and traits. Each exam consists of checking all areas, including their eyes, patellas, lungs, and hearts. Some of our dogs have their patella's and hearts certified and listed with OFA. We know that these are the most common health concerns in our breed, so we want to ensure that we are always using the best candidates for our breeding program. 

 We are very proud of our breeding lines. We are all very involved in the well-being of our animals. Our home is full of pets ranging from the Chihuahuas, cats and a Dalmatian. The boys' ages are 15, 15, and 13. I (Britanie) am a home school mom to all three boys. I was a Veterinarian's assistant at our our family Vet clinic, but I resigned from my position, so I could dedicate more time to my dogs and puppies. 

Our dogs live inside with us. Our dogs are all vet checked regularly and have received all required vaccinations. Our puppies health is our number one priority. We are proud of our dogs and sure that you will be too! Our puppies are socialized right from the start with a variety of interactions that are in our home daily. 

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