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Puppy Pricing 

Prices of our individual puppies are posted on our "available puppies page", however, our pet prices start at $1800.00 and can be as high as $7000.00.  Our prices vary from litter to litter and the overall quality of the pup we have available. Our Merle puppies are not available with any discounts that we offer posted on our website. 

***These prices are subject to change at any time. Our prices are determined after a litter has arrived safely and we have had time to evaluate each puppy accordingly.***

Deposits placed with a stated advertised price does lock in the price of the puppy at the time of the accepted deposit on said puppy. 

All Puppies are from AKC parent bloodlines. All puppies that are sold to pet or companion homes will be required to spay or neuter their puppy/dog within one year. Pet homes come with limited AKC registration after proof of spay or neuter. It is your responsibility to register them with the American Kennel Club! Limited registration means that you can register your pet with the American Kennel Club and participate in Dog shows within the nation, but you do not have permission to breed your pet at all! When purchasing a puppy from Salem's Finest, you are in agreement to spaying or neutering your pet within the first year of having your puppy. All puppies, regardless of registration are required to be registered with our kennel name as the prefix (SFC's) to the name of your puppy. This will be included in our contract and must be followed. 

Full AKC is only available to approved breeding homes and breeding programs. We are willing to mentor you ONLY if you do purchase a Chihuahua from SFC. Full AKC Is an additional charge and not available on all puppies or litters.  

***Puppies that will range in an estimated size of 2-3 pounds when fully grown, will be priced accordingly and could exceed the $7000.00 price. These puppies are incredibly hard to produce and keep alive and take a great deal of work.***

***If you lose your copy of your AKC papers, there is a $25 charge to have them replaced. Only I will be able to call AKC to have them replaced and reissued to you. Please be careful with the original copies that I provide to you in your puppy packet.***

***Our tiny babies that require additional care at SFC over and beyond our standard 9-10 weeks of age do not get a microchip. This is excluded from their going home package due to the fragility of these little miracle puppies*** 

Continued information

Payments are accepted through Quickbooks online. You can use a credit or debit card for a service fee of 3.0% or you can do an ACH bank transfer for a fee of only 1.0% of the balance on the invoice. Please let us know which method of payment you will want set up on your invoice.

I do also accept PayPal if you are wanting to use your PayPal line of credit. Please just let us know which pay method you will need prior to us drawing up adoption paperwork. To use PayPal, please expect that the service fees are the highest at 3.9% of the balance.

We do not accept Zelle or CashApp. Please do not ask! 


I feel the need to share with you that I do not negotiate the price of my puppies. A low budget on your part does not create a cheaper puppy on mine. I have been asked before to lower the cost of my puppies due to a person's lower budget, or poor finances and the answer is NO! Breeding a solid, healthy, friendly, well socialized, to the standards of the AKC, takes hard work, LOVE, lots of patience, energy, a lot of money, dedication, devotion, and a strong stomach! What isn't involved is HANDOUTS! The old phrase, "you get what you pay for," is appropriate! A well-bred, well socialized, purebred Chihuahua from a responsible, ethical breeder who screens buyers and sells puppies with a contract is unlikely to ever be surrendered to a shelter! Irresponsible breeders and pet owners are to blame for a puppy/dog ending up in a shelter. Period. No one should be forced to pay for other people's mistakes and irresponsible behavior by losing their individual rights to choose for themselves. 


We do accept payment plans on a case by case basis that is determined by Salem's Finest and is agreed upon in a contract. The deposit on a puppy must be made in full before any payment plan is established. Deposits cannot be included in the payment plan. Once established, equal payments will be set up to either be paid weekly or bi-weekly. Please note that the puppy will not leave Salem's Finest until the puppy has been paid in full. If a scheduled payment is missed at any time, then all monies collected are still NON-REFUNDABLE, and the puppy will be advertised for sale again. This is a legal contract and will be treated just as that. 


Puppies are usually ready on or after 8 weeks of age. This will vary by puppy and situation. All final payments must be made by the 7th week unless you are on a specific payment plan. No exceptions. 

Included with each puppy

What is included in the price of your puppy? The dam and sire of each litter have been Vet checked with our family Veterinarian multiple times to make sure their health is optimal before preparing to do a breeding. Additionally, all of our dogs have been genetically health tested to ensure we are breeding the best possible candidates. All of our dogs have been certified with O.F.A for their hearts, patellas and eyes and results are published on the OFA database for public viewing. Once the chosen dogs have been given the green light to be bred, we strategically plan who we want to pair to create a beautiful litter of puppies. Once the breeding has taken place, the dam goes on our special high protein diet for the nine-week duration of her pregnancy which also carries over to when she is lactating and nursing her young. The dam also receives vitamin supplements during her pregnancy. This vitamin is similar to a prenatal vitamin that expecting human females should take as well during their pregnancies. During the week that the dam is expected to whelp her puppies, I stay home and carefully monitor all symptoms of the dam so I can be at her side for immediate assistance for the whelping experience. I have sometimes stayed up for 72 hours at a time to ensure the safe arrival of puppies. I have tried to witness each and every puppy be born and I have been there to help break open the sacs and cut the umbilical cords as well as stimulate the puppies to breathe if they are born breech. I do daily weight checks for the first two weeks on each puppy and then weekly there after. This information is also crucial so that I can see at the very moment that a puppy may not be thriving, I can jump in and supplement with puppy formula. I do bi-weekly pictures and updates of all puppies to families that need to know how their tiny baby is doing. I provide parasite prevention biweekly starting at two weeks old and keep all records so that this can be presented to my Vet and to the future Vet of the puppy. I provide high quality puppy food to the puppies when they are transitioning from mama's milk bar to wet food and hard puppy food. The puppies receive daily interactions from our family and other dogs to help socialize them and acclimate for any future household of noises and new family members. The puppies are raised with Puppy Culture Curriculum. This introduction includes loud sounds such as music, TV's, crinkling of plastic bags and a vacuum cleaner. The puppies are familiarized with walking on surfaces such as wood and tile. The puppies are all checked by my Vet at the age of 7-8 weeks and receive a health certificate that presents their bill of health to you, the buyer. Our vet checks the following: oral (under bites/over bites), eyes, ears, cardio, respiratory, abdomen, muscular, gastro, skin, neuro, and also hernias. You will receive the health examination in your puppy packet. The puppies are introduced to potty training on pee pads so that they can transition to your household easier. The puppies receive their first vaccination 8 weeks. So when they go home to you, they will need the booster series completed by your veterinarian. The vaccination information is recorded on a record keeper to take with you to the Vet so you can continue to provide adequate medical care to your puppy. Each puppy comes with one month of free health insurance with Trupanion. Additionally, our puppies are microchipped before leaving SFC and we are listed as a secondary emergency contact on the microchip registration papers. I provide lifetime breeder support on all of my puppies.  Each customer receives a non-expiring 10% off coupon (not to exceed $150.00) to buy future puppies as a thank you for choosing Salem's Finest and for wanting to come back as well!

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