Retired dogs from our program. Some are placed in forever pet homes and some have remained with us. All of them have been integral parts of our program. None of the dogs below are available for rehoming. 

   "SFC's Paisley" 
   "SFC's Oliver" 
   "BRC's Gryffin"
"SFC's Abigail" 
   "BRC's Maverick" 
   "KandK's Atticus" 

   "SFC's Brooklyn" 

   "SFC's Lola" 

   "BRC's Harrison" 
"KandK's Cyrus" (Never bred)
"SFC's Cordelia" (Never bred)
"KandK's Klaire"
   "SFC's Emmagene" 
"Rogue" (Never bred)
"Cupcake's Mylo" 
"Cupcake's Boris" 
"SFC's Gyselle" 
" Forrest" (Never bred)
"SFC's Stellaluna"
"SFC's Ireland"
"BRC's Delaney"  (Never bred)
"SFC's Havana"
"BRC's Calliope" 
"Cucpake's O'Hara" (Never bred)
"KandK's Daphne"
"SFC's Zoella" 
"SFC's Aria" 
"BRC's Anderson"
"KandK's Xavier"
"KandK's Charley"
"SFC's Baylee"
"SFC's Priscilla"
"SFC's Sophia"
"BRC's Charizma"

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