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Deposits are $1000.00-$3000.000 for a puppy. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and will be deducted off the total price of the puppy. Deposit prices could be higher depending on the total price of the puppy. We require a non-refundable application fee to be added to our waiting list if you are not choosing a puppy from our available puppies published on our website. The application fee is $25.00. This fee is applied to the purchase of an SFC pup. 

***Deposits are non-refundable, unless something happens to the puppy you reserved while in our care, then we do offer a refund on a deposit, minus any fees paid through PayPal, otherwise, deposits are non-refundable and there are no exceptions. Deposits can also be transferred to other available puppies or litters as an alternative to a refund with the transfer fee waived, but please note that if the replacement puppy is a different price, then there may still be a balance due. This is only available if the original puppy is no longer suitable for sale and we have informed you of this information. Prices on puppies vary from puppy to puppy and litter to litter. ***

We do not accept Cash Apps such as Zelle, Venmo, Square or Cash App. We only use PayPal because it not only protects you the buyer, but it provides bank protection for all parties. Yes there is a fee to use this service. Please do not ask if we will take the other methods. The answer is No.  And as a friendly heads up, you should be cautious about sending money to other breeders with these other cash apps listed. You're sending cash to a stranger over the internet! Do your due diligence! 


Any PayPal fees that were applied to the deposit are not transferable to a new puppy in the event you switch puppies by choice. There is a transfer fee of $250.00 if you do decide you want to wait for a future puppy after you have already reserved a puppy, or if you decide to switch puppies, to one that is available, after the deposit/contracts/invoices have been established. This is a clerical fee and for the time to redo all the paperwork, contracts, and advertising. This fee will be deducted off of the collected deposit and the difference will need to be repaid when a new puppy becomes available or will be applied to the balance owed on next chosen puppy. Choosing to transfer your deposit to a different puppy does not guarantee that a future puppy will or could be the exact same price. We do not encourage you to switch puppies and therefore our fee is the price it is to make sure you have chosen the puppy you secure as the one you want. Once a puppy has been secured with a deposit, we have taken away the opportunity to find it's forever home from any new applicants that may have been looking for the puppy you chose. If you need to transfer your deposit to an upcoming litter because something on your end has come up, like unforeseen reasons, then the duration to choose another puppy is only good for 1 year from the time the deposit was originally received. If you are unable to choose another puppy in one year after the original deposit was received, then you will forfeit the deposit you had paid to SFC. Additionally, we only allow up to one transfer per family.*** 

Policy Contract

**Deposits are NON-Refundable.**

**Any and all payments made are NON-Refundable.**

**Any and all purchases are subject to availability and or approval. Salem's Finest has the right to deny purchases on puppies to any individual that does not meet our forever home criteria. If unable to approve request due to lack of availability and or approval, any deposit and or payment can be refunded.**

**Please allow up to 90 days for any refunds that have been approved by the breeder.**

**Not understanding any part of this information does not make you exempt from the conditions stated or implied within.**


Deposits are made through PayPal ONLY . The remaining payments are accepted in a personal check format or through PayPal only. Please note that PayPal charges an additional 3.9% fee on any balance. All checks in any form need to be made out to Salem's Finest. Once the deposit has been received and cleared, the puppy is placed with a reservation and into a pending or reserved status. The final sale price of the puppy must be paid in full before the puppy leaves Salem's Finest; and is usually due when your puppy is 7 weeks old unless you are on a payment plan. We do not accept any payments at the time of pick up.

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