Discounts cannot be combined! 


Do any apply to you?

We do offer discounts for returning customers or customers that want to buy more than one puppy at a time. Returning customers are automatically given 10% off (Not to exceed $150.00) on the final payment of their puppy. We also offer specials on families that want to adopt more than one puppy at the same time, either from different litters, but close in age, or litter mates. If interested in multiple puppies, please ask us for more information. Other discounts that we are offer are down below on this page. We do not offer discounts on our Merle puppies at this time. Discounts are only honored on dogs/puppies that are full price. If the puppy has already been reduced in price, discounts do not apply. 







***We do offer a "Hero's Discount"!!! You serve for us. You protect us. You save us. Your hard work, selfless bravery and generous hearts are deeply appreciated. As a small token of our gratitude, we are now offering 10% off on the final payment on a puppy at Salem's Finest. We invite Firefighters, Paramedics, Police Officers and Military Personnel, both active and retired. Proof of being a hero for the discount will be required and will not exceed 10% off (Max amount is $150.00)***  Discounts are only offered on puppies that are full price and not available on Merles. Puppies on sale are final prices and discounts do not apply. 


We also offer a Senior discount of $50.00 off on the final payment for your chosen puppy for puppy parents' age 55 and older. Be sure to submit Identification to us so we can verify your age to be considered for this discount. Please be sure to indicate that you are wanting this discount on the purchase of your puppy. We will not ask you how old you are. This is your responsibility to mention. (Not available on Merles) 

During the month's of August and September ONLY, we offer a Back to School special for our teachers and education providers. This includes all grade levels, but you must be an active employee with the school district or college you teach at. This discount does include paraprofessionals as well. I will require proof of active employment as well as a copy of your ID badge for the school you work at.  If you are retired from teaching, this discount does not apply to you. This discount deducts 10% (Not to exceed $150.00) off on final payment on a puppy. This is a discount we will offer each year during August and September. We will not offer it on other months of the year. We are doing this special in honor of back to school only. NO exceptions. Do not ask on the off months for this discount. Please mention this on your application. I do not normally ask what your career or job is on the application, so it will be up to you to let me know on the application so it is honored on your puppy purchase. Not available on our Merles. 

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