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Sugar Crashes

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

You guys, I've dealt with my fair share of seizures caused from both sugar crashes or head injury. I've been able to counsel some of you over the phone during a very scary event with your Chihuahua. These are some items I suggest that you have on hand in the event that you have to face a seizure. Even if your Chi isn't showing signs of ever having one, an abrupt head injury can bring one on. Even going too long between meals can cause a sugar drop and a seizure can happen. There are a lot of YouTube videos coaching you on how to help your pup during a seizure and what to do during the event of one. Sometimes there isn't enough time to rush to the vet. Please have at least one of these products below in your home and watch one YouTube video on how to help your Chihuahua puppy or dog. These can be life saving. *****PLEASE HAVE ONE OF THESE ON HAND AND IN YOUR HOME! THIS CAN SAVE YOUR PUPPY OR DOG!!!!******

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