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Facebook prohibits the sales of animals.....

I never really relied on Facebook to sell my puppies, but it did help with communicating and sharing photos, stories and information with current puppy parents. I will be trying to post more on our Wix app and blog more here. So be sure to subscribe or follow our site closely for updates and news. I try to keep our website always updated with the newest arrivals and available babies. I do not allow my puppies to be reserved before two weeks of age, and sometimes I hold them longer to further evaluate. If you are ever interested in a puppy that I have posted, please inquire and send me a message. Please remember that I do require a puppy application to be submitted so I can help get to know you and see if you are a suitable home for one of our babies. The more information you include about yourself and your home, the better. I do not take the time to process incomplete applications.

We are waiting for several litters to arrive this month (June) and we have more planned in July and are just starting the plans off for August as well.

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