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Name: Anderson

Color/Coat/Markings:  Black Fawn Brindle; Smooth coat

Gender: Male

DOB: September 14th, 2016 (3.5 years old)

Current Weight: 7.8 lbs

Pet Price: $350.00

Altered: No

$250.00 returned to you after proof of neutering completed, dental cleaning completed and microchip inserted in 2020. Proof required to validate partial refund. 

Rabies: 3 year vaccine still current

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes

Dental cleaning: Completed on April 4th, 2019. Should be completed again. 

Microchip: no

Status: Accepting applications


Background:  Anderson is a black fawn brindle smooth coat male. Age 3 years 7 months old. Anderson is a lover boy! He is highly affectionate, loves people of all ages and animals. He simply is a wonderful dog. Anderson is not neutered but needs to be. Due to the CoronaVirus, this operation could not be completed. This will be required to be completed by his new parent. He has had his teeth cleaned once and is due again. I recommend doing that as well. I am offering a partial refund on Anderson after the neutering and dental cleaning are completed, as well as the microchip in place. These are normally completed by me before rehoming my dogs, but due to the current situation, I am unable to complete these services. Anderson doesn't really do well in the car. He suffers from motion sickness and tends to throw up. Anderson loves to meet new people and is a very even tempered dog.  He goes in and out a dog door but wears a belly band in our home. He has sired several litters for us at SFC and we have kept some of his pups. We only want a family who is willing to keep in touch with us to be his new parents. We still want to hear about his life and see photos. He has his immunizations up to date, Rabies completed, and Heart worm prevention on track.This is a great young dog. I am willing to allow anyone with an approved adult application on file to meet him before deciding if he is the right boy for you.  Anderson is young enough to adapt to any home. He knows his name very well so I don't recommend changing it. He will be great with other dogs, big and small, great with children, and cats as well. We offer a money back guarantee on our retired dogs if the dog does not work out for you within the first two weeks. The dog must be brought back to the original location of pick up by scheduled appointment, and a refund will be issued to you within 30 days, minus any fees you may have had during the initial adoption. We encourage all prospective adoptees to really think this through though and not take on a dog that may not work for you. We want his next home to be his forever home.  To submit an application for Anderson, please use our adult application for consideration. Here is the link here

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