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Background: Ember was not born at SFC, but she is a granddaughter of our original foundation line. We were so excited to work with her but unfortunately she didn't pass her health clearances when she turned one year old. She was cleared on her heart and eyes, but her one left patella is slightly luxating and was not cleared on her patellas examination. This was a surprise for us, but she has no lameness or any difficulty with this condition. We can't predict the future of her patella or other patella that is still tight, but luxation is common within this breed. Ember is a one and a half year old female. She is a long coat black fawn. She is a friendly, outgoing girl and will make an exceptional companion to the right home. She is pee pad trained and uses a dog door during the day to use her yard, but please have patience with her while she is learning a new routine in your home. She has not be leash trained but she is dog door trained as well as crate trained. Ember has not been brought up around small children, cats or large breed dogs but I am confident that will be very easy to blend in with a new family. Ember is a sweet, calm by nature, lovable young lady. Her coat is long and does require minimal grooming. Ember is a submissive girl and has never shown any tendencies of being dominant or aggressive. Ember does well in the car for small trips like to the Vet or to grooming appointments but she does tend to get car sick. 

She has been genetically health tested with Embark and is clear in all breed relevant categories. 

  • Please be aware that Ember is from a breeding home. She will not be fully potty trained in a new environment and will take patience and the ability to retrain to establish a new routine

  • Please read the post below about the 3/3/3 rule! Not one dog is like another and you need to be open minded when adopting an adult dog who is very used to their current environment

  • Shipping is available

  • Meet in greet is preferred but not required 

  • Application required 

Eyes: CH-EYE1267/8F-VPI

Name: Ember

Color/Coat/Markings: Black Fawn long coat 

Gender: Female 

DOB: 08/27/2021

Current Weight:  9.5 lbs

Pet Price: $500.00

Altered: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Rabies: 1 year vaccine still current 

Immunizations: Up to date! 

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes

Genetically health tested through Embark and is 100% healthy and cleared in all areas

Her Cardiac was cleared for her OFA examination but never submitted due to her patellas not be cleared. Her eyes are certified

Status: Accepting applications and allowing meet in greets upon approved applications only


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