Coming in January 2019! Out of state? No problem! Need shipping or planning to make a drive to Salem, Oregon to pick up your new baby? Let us help you out by offering you an out of state discount as a courtesy for choosing Salem's Finest as your trusted breeder. Proof of address on submitted application is required or photo ID to show that you are out of state must also be submitted. Discount will be applied to final payment and not be combined with any other offer or discount. 

We are offering a Holiday special in recognition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you submit an application and can be approved for a puppy between the time the sale opens and can place a deposit on one of our last available puppies by Monday, November 26th, then we will help pay for the spay or neuter on your Chihuahua puppy that you purchase from Salem's Finest. Offer is valid for $150.00 towards procedure. You can choose where you want the procedure to be performed on your puppy. Proof must be submitted to Salem's Finest for offer to be redeemed. Check will be issued to adoptive parent on application only, and not to exceed promotion amount of $150.00. Offer only valid for one year from the date of birth of reserved puppy. For example, if the puppy you choose to reserve has a birthday of October  22nd, 2018, then it is up to you to have the spay or neuter completed before October 22nd, 2019. It is your responsibility to submit proof of alteration on your pet. Offer will not be issued if you decide to not spay or neuter during the required window or what is asked on our contract. Offer is only valid on actual puppies that are purchased from Salem's Finest and are one of puppies we have listed right now in our available puppies page. This offer is not valid with any other discount that we offer- such as military discounts or senior discounts. 

We currently do not have any puppies available at this time. We are expecting more litters in late May throughout June. Please look at our upcoming litters to see who is expecting. We are accepting applications for all litters at the moment. We are expecting both long and smooth coat puppies, in the following colors: Merles (blue, chocolate, black and lavender, diluted colors such as blue or lavender, spotted on whites (blue, chocolate, lavender and black), Brindles with or without white, Chocolate, black and tan and possible cream or fawn. 

Video of Bentley!

Name: Bentley

Gender: Male

Color/Coat/Markings: Blue & Tan; smooth coat

DOB: November 2nd, 2019

Parents: Topanga & Xavier

Litter Theme: Cars

Birth Weight:  4.45 oz

Est. Adult Weight:  4.0-4.5 lbs as an estimate (No guarantees)

Deposit: $1400.00

Purchase price: $2800.00

Full AKC available for an additional charge

Status: Available for deposit

Generation of SFC: 2nd generation

Pedigree: Champion bloodlines

Ready to go home:  Ready to go home after January 4th

Shipping may be available for an additional charge. Dates to go home are estimated dates and not guaranteed. 

"SFC's Ireland" 

Smooth Coat

Black and tan Merle

Breeder: Britanie Rains 


Daughter of Stellaluna and Gryffin (retired); born here at SFC. 

7.0 lbs

Champion great grand sired. 

   "SFC's Stella" 

Smooth coat

Black and tan Merle

9.0 lbs

Champion bloodlines

Mother of Baylee, Brooklyn, Havana and Ireland. 

Final litter in the nursery now. Retired.

"SFC's Havana" 

Long Coat

Our very first "Merble". A red brindle with Merle markings

Breeder: Britanie Rains 


Daughter of Stellaluna and Gryffin (retired); born here at SFC. 

6.5  lbs

Champion great grand sired.


Name: Cyrus

Color/Coat/Markings: Chocolate & Tan smooth coat

Gender: Male

DOB: November 6th, 2017

Current Weight: 6.3 lbs

Rehoming Fee: $350.00




I am rehoming "Cyrus" to a forever home. He has never sired a litter. He is AKC, but he is not suitable for my breeding goals. [He has a grade 1 luxating Patella on his left knee that was discovered during a routine annual examination. A Luxating patella is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. Patella luxationis a common condition in dogs, particularly small and miniature breeds. The condition usually becomes evident between the ages of 4 and 6 months.]. Other than that physical aspect, he is an amazing dog and very loving companion. He is a 6.3 lb smooth coat male. He is chocolate and tan Apple head. 

Born: November 6th, 2017
Neutered ✔ (Date of neuter is May 16th)
Microchipped ✔ (Date of microchip insertion is May 16th)

Dental completed ✔ (Date of dental cleaning is May 16th)
All immunizations are up to date, including Rabies (Rabies is up to date for 3 years. Date administered is 04/25/19) ✔
Is food motivated. ✔
Easily trainable. ✔
Very loving and affectionate. ✔
Great with dogs of all sizes and children too. ✔
Crate trained ✔
Partially potty trained- pee pads, but does lift leg occasionally. Belly band is encouraged. 
Loves the car ✔

If you think you could offer Cyrus a permanent home and want a older pup with most of the extra expenses already completed, please contact me to discuss him further. I would prefer him to remain local in case he needs to come back to me again, but I will consider an out of state home if the right home presents itself. This is not a first come first serve placement. I really want the next home to be his last home so I will weigh out all pros and cons on where he goes. I'm more than willing to allow a meet-in-greet with him too in a public location that works with my schedule.

Video of Alfalfa! 

Name: Alfalfa

Gender: Male

Color/Coat/Markings: Blue Fawn Merle; smooth coat. Will likely be a hidden Merle at maturity. Spots are visible at birth. 

DOB: September 12th, 2019

Parents: Havana & Boris 

Litter Theme: Little Rascals

Birth Weight:  5.4 oz

Est. Adult Weight:  4.5 -5.5 lbs as a guesstimate. No guarantees. 

Buy me now price: $2500.00

Full AKC is available 

Alfalfa is too old for a deposit. 

Status: Available for adoption

Generation of SFC: 3rd generation

Pedigree: Russian bloodlines and champion lines. Pedigrees available upon request. 

Ready to go home:  Ready to go home now. Shipping available for an additional charge. 

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