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How to Teach a Chihuahua to Walk On a Leash

It’s important for every dog owner to know how to teach their pet to walk on a leash.

In most areas, leash laws require all pets to be curbed when outside a fenced area. A well-behaved pooch strolling down the street with her person is far safer than the animal allowed to run loose.

Leash Training

Before you begin leash training, your Chihuahua will need to get accustomed to wearing a collar and leash in the first place. 

For the first few days, attach the leash to the collar and let your puppy get used to the feel of it. Don’t leave it on for longer than five minutes at a time.

After your puppy has become acclimated to the leash, it’s time to start the actual leash training:

  1. Attach the leash as you did before, but don’t put it on the ground. Hold it and begin to walk across the room.

  2. If the puppy follows you, great! If your Chihuahua refuses to move, coax her over to you. Use a gentle voice and say, “Come here, baby.”

  3. Keep encouraging her until she will walk to you. Don’t let go of the leash. She needs to understand that this is the next part of the lesson. If you must, use a small dog treat to coax her.

Keep Practicing 

Keep the leash pulled slightly tight. Try walking your pet on your left side — your dog should always be on your left.

Because the restraint is not loose, your puppy will soon learn that she should stay close to your side.

Practice walking in an area with few distractions. Take a few short learning walks daily. Once your chihuahua has mastered walking on a leash in private, it’s time to take her out into the public.

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