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Name: Paxton (name can be changed)

Color/Coat/Markings:  Blue spotted on white long coat 

Gender: Male

DOB: March, 2022

Current Weight: 5.0 lbs

Pet Price: $1200.00

Altered: Yes

Rabies:  1 year Rabies current until 10/03/2023

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes

Microchip: Yes

Health Tested: Genetically health tested and cleared in all categories

OFA Certified: Not published but his eyes were cleared during December 2022. 

Status: Accepting applications


Background: Paxton is an adorable blue spotted on white, long coat male Chihuahua. He is very shy and submissive. His temperament just doesn't match what we look for in our foundation breeding dogs. We think he would thrive in a small home as a companion animal only. He has not been raised with large dogs or children, or cats! This would all be new for him. He does seem to have some alpha tendencies with some males, but not all. He doesn't mind being held, but he doesn't seek out affection. We have to engage with him. We did not make Paxton at SFC. He was born in Michigan and shipped to us. Paxton also has some hair thinning behind his ears on both ears. 


Because he is coming from a breeding environment, he does mark our home, so we keep him in an extra small belly band. The belly bands can be purchased off of Amazon and easily washed in the washing machine. We will also send some home with him too! He will need to be neutered in his new home within six months. We are not rehoming him with his AKC paperwork. This is not an opportunity for another breeder to try and adopt him. We are seeking a pet home only! From experience and feedback from our previous clients, once a male is removed from a setting that there are intact female dogs, potty training can be reintroduced and he can be taught to stop the marking in the home. It will take consistency and we can't guarantee that each dog we rehome can be fully potty trained so it's best to adopt him with an open mind and know that a bad habit like this, may never go away. He eats Purina ProPlan and loves it. He isn't leash trained since we own property and he runs and runs, but he is super smart and can be taught to wear a harness and walked on a leash. We did begin health testing Paxton by sending off his DNA to AKC. We did genetically health test him with Embark and we did have his eyes examined by an ophthalmologist in December of 2022. His eyes were cleared if we had chosen to keep him for breeding.  We require that you will keep in touch with us if you want to adopt him.  It generally takes 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to learn a new routine, and 3 months to start to feel at home. We do require that you submit a puppy application for consideration. This is not a first come first serve placement. The application fee is non-refundable. I will allow public meet in greets for local families. 

We encourage all prospective adopters to really think this through and not take on a dog that may not work for you. We want his next home to be his forever home. To submit an application for Paxton, please use our puppy application for consideration.

  • Please be aware that Paxton is from a breeding home. He will not be fully potty trained in a new environment and will take patience and the ability to retrain to establish a new routine

  • Prefer local, as in Salem or surrounding areas but would consider other locations if the right home presents itself

  • Shipping is available on Paxton

  • Meet in greet not required, but recommended 

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