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Embark health testing: Clear in all breed relevant categories

OFA Health Testing Results

Heart: CH-BCA591/12F/P-VPI

Patella: CH-PA3102/12F/P-VPI

Eyes: CH-EYE1240/11F-VPI

Degenerative Myelopathy: CH-DM121/2F-PI

CHIC #: 170478

Name: Ryleigh

Color/Coat/Markings: Chocolate & Tan spotted on white smooth coat 

Gender: Female 

DOB: 05/21/2021

Current Weight:  6.0 lbs 

Pet Price: $1800.00

Altered: Yes, Spayed in October 2022

Microchipped: Yes

Rabies: 1 year vaccine still current 

Immunizations: Up to date! 

Heartworm Prevention: Monthly

AKC Registered: Yes

Genetically health tested through Embark and is 100% healthy and cleared in all areas

Cleared in all health related areas- Patellas, Cardiac, & Eyes. 

Status: Accepting applications and allowing meet in greets upon approved applications only


Background: Ryleigh was not born at SFC, but she is a 3rd generation of her our foundation lines. We did all of her required health testing and we welcomed one emergency litter on the fourth of July, but it was a c-section. We don't like to breed our girls after a c-section so we are opting to retire this beautiful young adult female. She will be spayed while still in our care prior to her going to a new home. Ryleigh is a chocolate & tan spotted on white, smooth coat female. She sits right about 6.0 lbs in size. 

She is a friendly, outgoing girl and will make an exceptional companion to the right home. She is not fully potty trained, so please have patience with her. She has not be leash trained but she is dog door trained as well as crate trained. Ryleigh has not been brought up around small children, cats or large breed dogs but I am confident that will be very easy to blend in with a new family. Ryleigh is a sweet, calm by nature, lovable young lady. Ryleigh is a submissive girl and has never shown any tendencies of being dominant or aggressive. Ryleigh has done well in the car for us overall on any trip she has been on. Ryleigh enjoys treats and affection from her favorite people. She has a happy-go-lucky personality and seems to be a bit of a clown!  

She has been genetically health tested with Embark and is clear in all breed relevant categories. 

All adult dogs have a 14 day money back guarantee if the dog does not work out for you in your home. The dog must be brought back to the original location of pick up by scheduled appointment, and a refund will be issued to you within 30 days, minus any fees you may have had during the initial adoption. We encourage all prospective adopters to really think this through and not take on a dog that may not work for you. We want her next home to be her forever home. To submit an application for Ryleigh, please use our puppy application for consideration.

  • Please be aware that Ryleigh is from a breeding home. She will not be fully potty trained in a new environment and will take patience and the ability to retrain to establish a new routine

  • Please read the post below about the 3/3/3 rule! Not one dog is like another and you need to be open minded when adopting an adult dog who is very used to their current environment

  • Shipping is available

  • Meet in greet is preferred but not required 

  • Application required 

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