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The available puppies below are from our Sister Program, Fiddlefigg Chihuahuas, in North Carolina. All parents are bred by SFC.
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Video of Galloway!  

Name:  "Galloway" 

Litter Theme: "I love you 'til the cows come home"

Gender: Male

Color/Markings: Lilac Harlequin Merle

Coat: Long Coat 

Personality: TBD at 6 weeks! 

DOB: January 20th, 2023

Parents:  Geena & Brodhi

Birth weight:   5.10 oz 

Estimated adult weight: 5.0 lbs

Purchase price: $ 5000.00

Deposit: $2500.00

Generation: 4th generation of SFC 

Status: Under observation

Geena & Brodhi are both genetically health tested and both are certified and cleared with O.F.A for cardiac, eyes and patellas. 

Ready to go home: Estimated date of release is near March 17th 2023-  This is only an estimate and can change. This is up to the discretion of SFC.

Shipping is available with a pet nanny for an additional charge to most locations.

Link to full biography

Name: Paxton Altered: Yes Available now


Grimm & Davina

Born: December 17th, 2022 via Emergency C-section
Litter Theme: "You are my Soup-erstar" Chowder, Miso, Jambalaya, & Noodle 


Letty & Bruce

All smooth coat litter
DOB 03/05/23
Litter Theme: "All the small things"
Letty CHIC: #169216
Bruce CHIC: #178679
"Sliver, Speck, Crumb, Dot, Iota, & Tidbit"

Video coming soon! 

Name:  "Dot"

Litter Theme: "All the small things"

Gender: Female

Color/Markings: Black Fawn brindle Merle

Coat: Smooth coat 

Personality: TBD at 6 weeks! 

DOB: March 5th, 2023

Parents:  Letty & Bruce

Birth weight: